Metro Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Primary 4 letters MAIN
Summary 5 letters RECAP
Word attached to way or enemy 4 letters ARCH
Part of the arm 4 letters ULNA
Avoid adroitly 5 letters ELUDE
Boyfriend 4 letters BEAU
Cleansing bar 4 letters SOAP
Owning 10 letters POSSESSING
And so forth: abbr. 3 letters ETC
Touches lightly 4 letters TAPS
Not relaxed 5 letters TENSE
Selected 5 letters CHOSE
Voight or Stewart 3 letters JON
One who plays hooky 6 letters TRUANT
Doorway 6 letters PORTAL
Potter of fiction 5 letters HARRY
Take as the rightful owner 5 letters CLAIM
Soft drink 3 letters POP
Eden evictee 4 letters ADAM
Prickle 5 letters THORN
__ on; incite 4 letters SPUR
__ Tac; breath mint 3 letters TIC
Thou __ not kill 5 letters SHALT
Human trunk 5 letters TORSO
Type of shellfish 6 letters OYSTER
Saunters 6 letters MOSEYS
Skillet 3 letters PAN
__ a Hot Tin Roof 5 letters CATON
Poe’s first name 5 letters EDGAR
Got up 4 letters ROSE
Camel’s color 3 letters TAN
Nonsense! 10 letters BALDERDASH
In __ straits; desperate 4 letters DIRE
Depressed 4 letters BLUE
One’s specialty 5 letters FORTE
Performances 4 letters ACTS
__ red; becomes irate 4 letters SEES
Bread recipe verb 5 letters KNEAD
Most ideal 4 letters BEST
Think deeply 4 letters MUSE
__ Like Love; Amanda Peet film 4 letters ALOT
Error 10 letters INACCURACY
Rest 3 letters NAP
Meal 6 letters REPAST
Marry quietly 5 letters ELOPE
Use foul language 4 letters CUSS
Want __; newspaper section 3 letters ADS
Baseball’s __ Wee Reese 3 letters PEE
Part of AWOL 6 letters ABSENT
Harness strap 4 letters REIN
Fires 4 letters CANS
Gigantic 4 letters HUGE
Wild weather 5 letters STORM
Acting award 4 letters TONY
Do violence to 4 letters HARM
Bring together 4 letters JOIN
__ Old Black Magic 4 letters THAT
News source for some 5 letters RADIO
Hair line 4 letters PART
Rookie 10 letters APPRENTICE
Rotten 5 letters LOUSY
Word attached to coal or broil 4 letters CHAR
Chat room giggle 3 letters LOL
__ and cons 4 letters PROS
At that time 4 letters THEN
Mediocre 4 letters SOSO
Long look 5 letters STARE
Lug around 4 letters TOTE
Half the black cards 6 letters SPADES
Prepared taters 6 letters MASHED
San José __ Rica 5 letters COSTA
Decreases 4 letters EBBS
Roy Rogers’ love 4 letters DALE
Elmer’s product 4 letters GLUE
Few and far between 4 letters RARE
Painting & sketching 4 letters ARTS
Bird’s home 4 letters NEST
Brother of JFK 3 letters RFK
Actor Knotts 3 letters DON
Tiny glob 3 letters DAB

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