Metro Crossword April 7 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword April 7 2021 Answers:

Bad air 4 letters SMOG
Fundamentals 4 letters ABCS
June honoree 4 letters PAPA
More pleasant 5 letters NICER
Be unsuccessful 4 letters FAIL
Button alternative 4 letters SNAP
Family tree member 5 letters UNCLE
Pauper’s condition 9 letters INDIGENCE
Actress Arthur 3 letters BEA
Evergreen 3 letters FIR
Has confidence 6 letters TRUSTS
Marinara __; spaghetti topper 5 letters SAUCE
Mary __ a little lambÉ 3 letters HAD
Like a cheapskate 6 letters STINGY
Renowned French artist 6 letters RENOIR
Wear away 5 letters ERODE
Sliver of glass 5 letters SHARD
Pasture cry 3 letters MOO
Small horse 4 letters PONY
Room alcoves 5 letters NOOKS
Idaho export 4 letters SPUD
__ T; precisely 3 letters TOA
Mysterious 5 letters EERIE
Mix together 5 letters BLEND
Solemn promise 6 letters PLEDGE
Planks 6 letters BOARDS
By way of 3 letters VIA
Kicks out 5 letters OUSTS
Stern 6 letters STRICT
__ Not for Me to Say; Johnny Mathis hit 3 letters ITS
Nocturnal bird 3 letters OWL
Realistic 9 letters PRACTICAL
Actor/comedian Kovacs 5 letters ERNIE
Mom’s sister 4 letters AUNT
Cast a ballot 4 letters VOTE
Prince William’s mum 5 letters DIANA
Hoopsters from Brooklyn 4 letters NETS
Observed 4 letters EYED
Singer Campbell 4 letters GLEN
Deliberately ignore 4 letters SNUB
Dig for ore 4 letters MINE
Occurring now and then 10 letters OCCASIONAL
Vaseline for one 3 letters GEL
In flames 5 letters AFIRE
Prohibit 3 letters BAN
El __; Charlton Heston film 3 letters CID
Moves like a snake 8 letters SLITHERS
Not genuine 6 letters PSEUDO
Sothern & Landers 4 letters ANNS
Covenant 4 letters PACT
Primates 4 letters APES
Haven 6 letters REFUGE
$1000 5 letters GRAND
Like frost 3 letters ICY
Mayberry resident 4 letters ANDY
When to put the BBQ away: abbr. 4 letters SEPT
Group of scouts 5 letters TROOP
Lawn tool 4 letters RAKE
Cold & businesslike 10 letters IMPERSONAL
Circular 5 letters ROUND
Miffed 4 letters SORE
__ polloi; the masses 3 letters HOI
Horse racing numbers 4 letters ODDS
Like a pessimist 8 letters NEGATIVE
Blinds piece 4 letters SLAT
Official order 5 letters EDICT
__ around; gave orders to 6 letters BOSSED
Gets rid of tenants 6 letters EVICTS
However 3 letters BUT
Got rid of a squeak 5 letters OILED
Reach from end to end of 4 letters SPAN
Tried and __; trustworthy 4 letters WAHR
Lose one’s cool 4 letters RANT
Relaxing drink 4 letters WINE
Scrawny 4 letters LEAN
Playfully shy 3 letters COY
Suffix for decor or origin 3 letters ATE
Big __; semi 3 letters RIG

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