Metro Crossword April 17 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword April 17 2021 Answers:

Friendly talk 4 letters CHAT
Metal fastener 5 letters SCREW
Read __; study about 4 letters UPON
Theater box 4 letters LOGE
Mild cigar 5 letters CLARO
On the __; offered to diners 4 letters MENU
Sudden __; impulse 4 letters URGE
In __; with hindsight 10 letters RETROSPECT
Word attached to wig or ring 3 letters EAR
Pasture cries 4 letters BAAS
Installs electricity 5 letters WIRES
Burst forth 5 letters ERUPT
Jolt 3 letters JAR
Determine the value of 6 letters ASSESS
Refreshes 6 letters RENEWS
Rattled 5 letters UPSET
Nudges 5 letters PRODS
Farm mama 3 letters EWE
Sully 4 letters SOIL
Motel crew 5 letters MAIDS
Wingless insect 4 letters FLEA
Before __ long; very soon 3 letters TOO
Warbles 5 letters SINGS
__ mignon; beef-lover’s treat 5 letters FILET
Dep. Barney Fife’s portrayer 6 letters KNOTTS
See the __; take a tour 6 letters SIGHTS
Dyer’s tub 3 letters VAT
Dentist’s directive 5 letters RINSE
Thing of value 5 letters ASSET
Word on a tombstone 4 letters DIED
Big game 3 letters ELK
Dwindling 10 letters DECREASING
Head for the hills 4 letters FLEE
Start of the title of Howie’s game show 4 letters DEAL
Burn slightly 5 letters SINGE
Tear in two 4 letters REND
Agile 4 letters SPRY
Do ironing 5 letters PRESS
At __; quarreling 4 letters ODDS
Hasn’t a __; is in the dark 4 letters CLUE
Circle dance 4 letters HORA
Belligerence 10 letters AGGRESSION
20th letter 3 letters TEE
Leftover bits 6 letters SCRAPS
Shoe bottom ridge 5 letters CLEAT
Phooey! 4 letters RATS
Go astray 3 letters ERR
Wine and dine 3 letters WOO
Diamond official 6 letters UMPIRE
Look through a keyhole 4 letters PEER
All at __; suddenly 4 letters ONCE
Eccentrics 4 letters NUTS
Origami birds 5 letters SWANS
Arrest 4 letters BUST
Become dizzy 4 letters REEL
Elly May Clampett’s pa & others 4 letters JEDS
Eur. nation 4 letters AUST
Ghost 5 letters SPOOK
Serling & Stewart 4 letters RODS
Wealthy 10 letters WELLHEELED
__-talk; use flattery 5 letters SWEET
Cookware items 4 letters PANS
Big __; huge truck 3 letters RIG
Consumes 4 letters EATS
Baseball glove 4 letters MITT
Desert fruits 4 letters FIGS
Virginia for one 5 letters STATE
Come upon 4 letters FIND
__ optimistic; too hopeful 6 letters OVERLY
Military blockades 6 letters SIEGES
Marriage symbols 5 letters RINGS
__ up; tallies 4 letters ADDS
Ooze out 4 letters SEEP
Pockmark e.g. 4 letters SCAR
Have supper 4 letters DINE
Give to a borrower 4 letters LEND
Classic sneakers 4 letters KEDS
Critter that bites 3 letters ASP
Knight’s title 3 letters SIR
To and __ 3 letters FRO

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