Metro Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Bursts 4 letters POPS
Performs in a play 4 letters ACTS
Overly proper 4 letters PRIM
Look for expectantly 5 letters AWAIT
Make a tiny cut 4 letters SNIP
Levelheaded 4 letters SANE
Irritable 5 letters TESTY
Opposite of guilt 9 letters INNOCENCE
Suffix for lion or count 3 letters ESS
Got __ of; discarded 3 letters RID
Instructed 6 letters TAUGHT
In a rage 5 letters IRATE
Pot cover 3 letters LID
Silverware pieces 6 letters SPOONS
Leading French artist 6 letters RENOIR
Ripley’s Believe It __! 5 letters ORNOT
Idaho’s largest city 5 letters BOISE
Cow’s comment 3 letters MOO
Bread unit 4 letters LOAF
__ up on; studies 5 letters READS
Reach across 4 letters SPAN
Umpire’s call 3 letters OUT
Special skill 5 letters FORTE
Glenn for one 5 letters CLOSE
Cease 6 letters DESIST
Lions and tigers and bears 6 letters BEASTS
Prefix for trial or mature 3 letters PRE
Bee and Em 5 letters AUNTS
High regard 6 letters ESTEEM
Suffix for violin or ideal 3 letters IST
…__ not like green eggs and ham… (Seuss) 3 letters IDO
Largest terriers 9 letters AIREDALES
Went out as the tide 5 letters EBBED
__ in; wearing 4 letters CLAD
Bona fide 4 letters REAL
Reigned 5 letters RULED
Beer ingredient 4 letters HOPS
Days of __; past ages 4 letters YORE
Prescriptions for short 4 letters MEDS
Top of the head 4 letters PATE
Has loans to pay back 4 letters OWES
Ardent; fervent 10 letters PASSIONATE
Take a load off 3 letters SIT
__ from; in addition to 5 letters ASIDE
Network for Wolf Blitzer 3 letters CNN
Element whose symbol is Sn 3 letters TIN
Very clean 8 letters SPOTLESS
Imitation; phony 6 letters PSEUDO
__ out; pealed 4 letters RANG
Foot part 4 letters INCH
__ Me in St. Louis 4 letters MEET
Iron-fisted ruler 6 letters TYRANT
Actor Michael 5 letters CAINE
__ My Party; Lesley Gore song 3 letters ITS
Santa’s runway 4 letters ROOF
Sing alone 4 letters SOLO
Boastful 5 letters PROUD
Hitchhiker’s hope 4 letters RIDE
Not doable 10 letters IMPOSSIBLE
Word with pot or rump 5 letters ROAST
Actor Lahr 4 letters BERT
Granola bit 3 letters OAT
Tip jar bills 4 letters ONES
Cooking herb 8 letters ROSEMARY
Barrel strip 4 letters SLAT
Opposite of hired 5 letters FIRED
Middle 6 letters CENTER
Drives too fast 6 letters SPEEDS
Students’ transport 3 letters BUS
Church walkway 5 letters AISLE
Apiece 4 letters EACH
Farm structure 4 letters SILO
Ensnare 4 letters TRAP
Landowner’s paper 4 letters DEED
Even __; fifty-fifty chance 4 letters ODDS
Baseball’s Durocher 3 letters LEO
Semicircular canal location 3 letters EAR
Hobo 3 letters BUM

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