Metro Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Puts two and two together 4 letters ADDS
Skins spuds 5 letters PARES
Dermatitis symptom 4 letters ITCH
Quick look 4 letters PEEK
Spry 5 letters AGILE
Clog or pump 4 letters SHOE
Notice 4 letters ESPY
Police interrogator’s goal 10 letters CONFESSION
Gentleman 3 letters SIR
Picture card 4 letters KING
Hoodlums 5 letters PUNKS
Enlighten spiritually 5 letters EDIFY
__ stick; billiards prop 3 letters CUE
In a pleasant way 6 letters NICELY
Bible chapter divisions 6 letters VERSES
Royal decree 5 letters EDICT
Actor Eastwood 5 letters CLINT
Kook 3 letters NUT
Yellowish wood 4 letters TEAK
Pole __; athletic event 5 letters VAULT
Recipe verb 4 letters STIR
Took a load off 3 letters SAT
__ in; enter uninvited 5 letters BARGE
Novelist Jules 5 letters VERNE
Gets the hang of 6 letters LEARNS
Go back on a promise 6 letters RENEGE
Simple Simon’s request 3 letters PIE
Black-and-white mammal 5 letters PANDA
Wahine’s welcome 5 letters ALOHA
Skirt opening 4 letters SLIT
Bathroom feature 3 letters TUB
Decreased 10 letters DIMINISHED
Give a pink slip to 4 letters FIRE
Fervent 4 letters AVID
Choctaw or Cherokee 5 letters TRIBE
Chicken pieces 4 letters LEGS
New York team 4 letters METS
More rational 5 letters SANER
Avails oneself of 4 letters USES
Imitates 4 letters APES
Lucie Arnaz’s dad 4 letters DESI
Go down in value 10 letters DEPRECIATE
Wild blue yonder 3 letters SKY
Soothe 6 letters PACIFY
Excruciating pain 5 letters AGONY
Engagement symbol 4 letters RING
Leprechaun’s cousin 3 letters ELF
We’re off to __ the Wizard… 3 letters SEE
Magazine editions 6 letters ISSUES
Lean 4 letters THIN
Chef 4 letters COOK
Female birds 4 letters HENS
Gush forth 5 letters SPURT
Bagpiper’s garb 4 letters KILT
Knock to the ground 4 letters DECK
Bit of change 4 letters CENT
Trawlers’ needs 4 letters NETS
Perfect 5 letters IDEAL
Contemptible 4 letters VILE
Pleas 10 letters ENTREATIES
Bringing charges against 5 letters SUING
Automobiles 4 letters CARS
Pull something heavy 3 letters LUG
Beech or banyan 4 letters TREE
Barn topper 4 letters VANE
Transmit 4 letters SEND
Actor Keith 5 letters BRIAN
Air duct 4 letters VENT
Plant destroyers 6 letters APHIDS
Las Vegas athlete 6 letters RAIDER
USNA freshman 5 letters PLEBE
West of Hollywood 4 letters ADAM
Learn’s partner in phrase 4 letters LIVE
Fail to include 4 letters OMIT
Part of the leg 4 letters SHIN
Strong desire 4 letters URGE
Porgy and __ 4 letters BESS
__ a Wonderful Life 3 letters ITS
Casa wife: abbr. 3 letters SRA
Respiratory illness 3 letters FLU

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