LA Times Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

Dishonor 5 letters ABASE
Stored in a cask say 5 letters AGING
Stick in the water 3 letters OAR
__ panel 5 letters SOLAR
Violet in a bed 5 letters PANSY
Itsy-bitsy 3 letters WEE
Bronzed My Little Pony figurines? 15 letters HOOFEDORNAMENTS
Sport with electric weapons 4 letters EPEE
Auto pioneer 4 letters OLDS
Nota __ 4 letters BENE
Golden Age TV star 5 letters BERLE
Test subject with whiskers 6 letters LABRAT
Hawkers of thin cookies? 12 letters WAFERMONGERS
Give an address 5 letters ORATE
Wobbly table stabilizer 4 letters SHIM
Home run path 3 letters ARC
Seasoned seafarer 7 letters OLDSALT
Renaissance immortal known as the Father of the Scientific Method 7 letters GALILEO
It might go for a buck 3 letters DOE
__ arigato: Japanese thanks a lot 4 letters DOMO
Without a break 5 letters ONEND
Balls for cats? 12 letters FELINEDANCES
Celebrity socialite 6 letters ITGIRL
Openly display 5 letters EXUDE
Noble gas 4 letters NEON
In the thick of 4 letters AMID
Took off 4 letters ROSE
GNC offering and a chemical hint to three long puzzle answers 15 letters IRONSUPPLEMENTS
Letters on a returned check 3 letters NSF
What drama queens do 5 letters EMOTE
Hall partner 5 letters OATES
Composer’s choice 3 letters KEY
2018 awards event hosted by Danica Patrick 5 letters ESPYS
Sneak preview say 5 letters PROMO
Tennis great with three Grand Slam titles 4 letters ASHE
Jazz Age toon 4 letters BOOP
Wound application 4 letters ALOE
They’re low-risk 8 letters SAFEBETS
… __ the set of sun: Macbeth 3 letters ERE
Landmark Manhattan theater 6 letters APOLLO
Marvin __ 7 letters GARDENS
Holiday and Days 4 letters INNS
Surveillance org. 3 letters NSA
Floor hockey venue 3 letters GYM
Titlist? 5 letters OWNER
Blue Cross rival 5 letters AETNA
Trip odometer control 5 letters RESET
Colgate feature 4 letters DORM
Wanes 4 letters EBBS
It may be loaded with books 7 letters EREADER
Luke’s sister 4 letters LEIA
Laundry unit 7 letters ARMLOAD
Misnomer for a modern golf driver 4 letters WOOD
Name on the Alice’s Restaurant album 4 letters ARLO
Gradually get tired 4 letters FADE
Paris Agreement subj. 3 letters GHG
Baldwin brother 4 letters ALEC
Artist Magritte 4 letters RENE
Some UPS deliveries 4 letters CODS
Put one’s feet up 4 letters LOLL
More than I wanted to know 3 letters TMI
Cochlear transplant site 8 letters INNEREAR
Bad way to run 7 letters ONEMPTY
Sawyer’s pal 4 letters FINN
Kicks out 6 letters EXILES
Surfer’s greeting 4 letters DUDE
Confident way to solve crosswords 5 letters ININK
Compact 5 letters TERSE
Mickey’s pal 5 letters GOOFY
For one 4 letters APOP
Aware of 4 letters ONTO
Apple stalk 4 letters STEM
ExxonMobil trading name 4 letters ESSO
Date 3 letters SEE
Brief interjections 3 letters UMS
Challenge for a stylist 3 letters MOP

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