LA Times Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

*Top selection 8 letters TEESHIRT
Bring pleasure (to) 6 letters APPEAL
Horror film line that usually gets its speaker in trouble 8 letters ILLGOSEE
With conviction 6 letters FIRMLY
Final Yahtzee roll e.g. 8 letters LASTTURN
Defies 6 letters FLOUTS
Omaha-to-Milwaukee dir. 3 letters ENE
Epidermal flaw 3 letters ZIT
Its practice doesn’t make it perfect 3 letters LAW
*Preliminary sketch 12 letters ROUGHOUTLINE
Cowboy leggings 5 letters CHAPS
Quite small 3 letters WEE
__ culpa 3 letters MEA
Indian noblewoman 4 letters RANI
Utopia 4 letters EDEN
Degrees of creativity briefly 4 letters BFAS
*Overly defensive stance 15 letters BUNKERMENTALITY
Track calculation 4 letters ODDS
Very long time 4 letters EONS
Support for a stroller 4 letters CANE
Seminarian’s subj. 3 letters REL
__ bran 3 letters OAT
Stun gun brand 5 letters TASER
*Newbie 12 letters GREENRECRUIT
Kareem once 3 letters LEW
Interoffice PC connection 3 letters LAN
Vehicle that really moves? 3 letters VAN
Canal zone 6 letters PANAMA
Lives of the Mayfair Witches trilogy author 8 letters ANNERICE
Video game figure 6 letters AVATAR
Agonize about 8 letters STEWOVER
Deal with a bounced email 6 letters RESEND
*Stud poker element 8 letters HOLECARD
Roofing unit 4 letters TILE
Vigorous spirit 4 letters ELAN
Got anything __? 4 letters ELSE
Mil. three-striper 3 letters SGT
High on the Scoville scale 3 letters HOT
Rodeos e.g. 6 letters ISUZUS
Equip anew 5 letters RERIG
Back nine opener 5 letters TENTH
Wealthy 8 letters AFFLUENT
Ecce homo speaker 6 letters PILATE
Hunt stealthily 5 letters PROWL
Source of lean red meat 3 letters EMU
PC key 3 letters ALT
Fleur in heraldry 3 letters LYS
Assigns relative value to 5 letters RANKS
Mayberry kid 4 letters OPIE
2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Terrell 5 letters OWENS
It’s just a scratch 6 letters IMFINE
Not as messy 6 letters NEATER
Nothing to it! 4 letters EASY
Less refined 6 letters CRUDER
Deal with 6 letters HANDLE
Put on quite an act 5 letters EMOTE
Cubs’ digs 3 letters DEN
Heck of a party 5 letters BLAST
Swedish tennis great 4 letters BORG
Astern 8 letters REARWARD
Amazon berry 4 letters ACAI
Kind of band 6 letters ONEMAN
Mine feature 6 letters TUNNEL
Please mightily 5 letters ELATE
Be at loggerheads 5 letters CLASH
Cost 5 letters RANTO
Brawny rival 4 letters VIVA
Big name in PCs 4 letters ACER
Bookish sort 4 letters NERD
What a sequence of single strokes from the start of each starred answer to the next often adds up to 3 letters PAR
Thoroughfare: Abbr. 3 letters AVE
Life Is Good rapper 3 letters NAS
Farm girl 3 letters EWE
Dungeons & Dragons bird 3 letters ROC

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