LA Times Crossword September 25 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword September 25 2021 Answers:

The one here 4 letters THIS
Group of cronies 4 letters GANG
Natural wound protection 4 letters SCAB
Discard 4 letters DUMP
Prohibited activity 5 letters TABOO
What a shame! 4 letters OHNO
Player getting paid 10 letters PROATHLETE
Sound from a snout 4 letters OINK
Counsel 6 letters ADVISE
Am I the only one? 6 letters ISITME
Move stealthily 5 letters SLINK
Wait just a minute! 9 letters WHOATHERE
Told you 3 letters SEE
Rogers Centre city 7 letters TORONTO
Oil field sight 3 letters RIG
Cartographer’s dot maybe 5 letters ISLET
Food truck snack 4 letters TACO
Unfulfilled campaign pledge … and a hint to what all contain 13 letters BROKENPROMISE
James of The Godfather 4 letters CAAN
Herbert Hoover by birth 5 letters IOWAN
O’Hare’s airport code 3 letters ORD
Great pains 7 letters AGONIES
Bobs and waves 3 letters DOS
Docking aids 9 letters BOATHOOKS
Rashomon director Kurosawa 5 letters AKIRA
Christmas door decoration 6 letters WREATH
Health facility 6 letters CLINIC
Tech sch. grad 4 letters ENGR
Closet accessory 10 letters COATHANGER
Start __: Rolling Stones hit 4 letters MEUP
Mandel of America’s Got Talent 5 letters HOWIE
Melody 4 letters TUNE
Coffee servers 4 letters URNS
If I may intrude … 4 letters AHEM
Founded as a co. 4 letters ESTD
QB-to-receiver six-pointer 6 letters TDPASS
Running track obstacle 6 letters HURDLE
Apple video-editing app 6 letters IMOVIE
Madrid’s country 5 letters SPAIN
128 fl. oz. 3 letters GAL
Grandpa Simpson 3 letters ABE
Vague idea 6 letters NOTION
Charges toward 6 letters GOESAT
Apt Shakespearean rhyme for truth 5 letters SOOTH
Fire-breathing monsters 8 letters CHIMERAS
Interview With the Vampire novelist 8 letters ANNERICE
__ choy: stir-fry veggie 3 letters BOK
With 37-Down what corn is on 3 letters THE
For shame! 6 letters TSKTSK
Skater Midori 3 letters ITO
Little songbird 4 letters WREN
Color of some Hello Kitty products 7 letters HOTPINK
Self-esteem 3 letters EGO
Fútbol cheer 3 letters OLE
Charged particle 3 letters ION
Altoids container 3 letters TIN
Saloonkeeper 8 letters BAROWNER
Trooper’s speed-checking device 8 letters RADARGUN
Versailles rulers once 4 letters ROIS
Have bills to pay 3 letters OWE
Indian spice blend 6 letters MASALA
See 14-Down 3 letters COB
Finder’s cry 3 letters AHA
Fooled you! 6 letters GOTCHA
Overeager student’s cry 6 letters OOHOOH
Thingamajig 6 letters DINGUS
Set in the right direction 6 letters ORIENT
Like some cows and vows 6 letters SACRED
Maryland team briefly 5 letters TERPS
Roots role Kunta __ 5 letters KINTE
Rebel Guevara 3 letters CHE
Big bird from Down Under 3 letters EMU
Stunned state 3 letters AWE

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