LA Times Crossword September 24 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword September 24 2021 Answers:

Answer with attitude 4 letters SASS
Female WWII gp. 4 letters WAAC
Ink cartridge color 4 letters CYAN
… calm __ bright: Silent Night 5 letters ALLIS
Stone of La La Land 4 letters EMMA
Revolutionary spy Nathan 4 letters HALE
How canvassers usually work 10 letters DOORTODOOR
Correct a script say 4 letters EDIT
Satisfied sounds 3 letters AHS
Golf’s Big Easy Ernie 3 letters ELS
Raised-baton strokes in music 7 letters UPBEATS
Sauce with falafel 6 letters TAHINI
Desk tray words 5 letters INOUT
How page-turners are often read 12 letters COVERTOCOVER
Prop for Chaplin 4 letters CANE
Lodge logo animal 3 letters ELK
Total failures 6 letters LOSERS
Novelist Tolstoy 3 letters LEO
Tallahassee sch. 3 letters FSU
Thanksgiving mo. 3 letters NOV
Blows volcano-style 6 letters ERUPTS
Double Fantasy collaborator Yoko 3 letters ONO
At the peak of 4 letters ATOP
How apartment leases sometimes run 12 letters MONTHTOMONTH
Prepare (oneself) as for a jolt 5 letters BRACE
Hebrew greeting 6 letters SHALOM
Definitely! 7 letters NODOUBT
__ the ramparts … 3 letters OER
Org. that publishes the newsletter GoGreen! 3 letters EPA
Fictional estate near Atlanta 4 letters TARA
How pistol duelers typically stand 10 letters BACKTOBACK
Close tightly 4 letters SHUT
At any time 4 letters EVER
Count who composed One O’Clock Jump 5 letters BASIE
Depresses with out 4 letters BUMS
Boxer Oscar __ Hoya 4 letters DELA
Catches on to 4 letters GETS
1978 Egyptian co-Nobelist Anwar 5 letters SADAT
Welcome to Maui! 5 letters ALOHA
Wade noisily 5 letters SLOSH
Round Table title 3 letters SIR
Ties the knot 4 letters WEDS
Latin I love 3 letters AMO
Invoice figure 6 letters AMOUNT
Use the HOV lane 7 letters CARPOOL
Frito-Lay snacks with a speedy cat mascot 7 letters CHEETOS
When said thrice and so on 4 letters YADA
Touched down 4 letters ALIT
Hockey targets 4 letters NETS
Courtroom transcript pro 5 letters STENO
Antipasto morsel 5 letters OLIVE
Osso __: veal dish 4 letters BUCO
Cooler cubes 3 letters ICE
Annoying 7 letters IRKSOME
Keebler sprite 3 letters ELF
Blow off steam 4 letters VENT
Suffix with switch 4 letters EROO
Answer the invite briefly 4 letters RSVP
Skelton’s Kadiddlehopper 4 letters CLEM
Prefix with dynamic 4 letters AERO
Grammar grammatically e.g. 4 letters NOUN
Crazy Eights cousin 3 letters UNO
WWII vessels 7 letters PTBOATS
No __ traffic 4 letters THRU
Pierced with a fork 7 letters STABBED
Initial stage 5 letters ONSET
Eureka! 3 letters AHA
E to E in music 6 letters OCTAVE
Pulsate 5 letters THROB
Car dealer’s offering 5 letters LEASE
Ref. to a prior ref. 5 letters OPCIT
Manufactures 5 letters MAKES
Govt. accident investigator 4 letters NTSB
Island near Maui 4 letters OAHU
Percussion instrument 4 letters DRUM
Pod in gumbo 4 letters OKRA
Snow White collectible 3 letters CEL
Grocery sack 3 letters BAG

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