LA Times Crossword September 15 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword September 15 2021 Answers:

Ones going downhill fast 10 letters SKIJUMPERS
Opulent 4 letters LUSH
They always get underfoot 10 letters INNERSOLES
Biblical preposition 4 letters UNTO
Pop music feature 10 letters TOPTENLIST
Wolverine for one 4 letters XMAN
Westworld airer 3 letters HBO
70s-’80s self-improvement course 3 letters EST
Notre Dame’s river 5 letters SEINE
Legendary chanteuse 4 letters PIAF
Max. 3 letters ULT
Equivalents of pairs of FGs 3 letters TDS
Somewhat out of place as hair 6 letters MUSSED
__ dish 5 letters PETRI
Type of medicine 8 letters HOLISTIC
1969 retail clothing debut 6 letters THEGAP
Second film with Craig as Bond 15 letters QUANTUMOFSOLACE
Counting Sheep purchases 6 letters SERTAS
Monthly reading 8 letters GASMETER
Pampers with on 5 letters DOTES
More stingy 6 letters MEANER
Avatar actress Saldana 3 letters ZOE
Attorney’s letters 3 letters ESQ
Origin abbr. 4 letters ESTD
Pointed 5 letters AIMED
Small city? 3 letters URB
Base figs. 3 letters GIS
Scheme 4 letters PLAN
Left in the dust 10 letters SAILEDPAST
Hang 4 letters PEND
Shoe with a rope sole 10 letters ESPADRILLE
Contributes 4 letters ADDS
Film with cues 10 letters THEHUSTLER
Jedi foes 4 letters SITH
Round handle 4 letters KNOB
Fly quickly 3 letters JET
Midge __ co-organizer of the Live Aid benefit concert 3 letters URE
AOL alternative 3 letters MSN
German’s neighbor 4 letters POLE
__ Comin’: Laura Nyro song 4 letters ELIS
Gather one’s strength 6 letters RESTUP
Retired flier 3 letters SST
Opulent 4 letters LUXE
Brass 15 letters UNMITIGATEDGALL
Orchestra pit aid 5 letters STAND
Brushes up on 5 letters HONES
Westernmost of the Virgin Islands 8 letters STTHOMAS
Digs 6 letters ISINTO
Per prior mention 8 letters ASSTATED
Some ultrasound images 7 letters FETUSES
Well as I recall … 7 letters LETSSEE
Grimace 4 letters MOUE
Skeptical as a view 3 letters DIM
Cave 6 letters RELENT
Command ctrs. 3 letters HQS
Small part 3 letters COG
Maker of Swift laptops 4 letters ACER
Each 3 letters PER
Sibs uncs etc. 3 letters FAM
Suppress 6 letters SQUASH
1997 Grammy Lifetime Achievement awardee 5 letters ZAPPA
Quieted in a way 5 letters OILED
Closes 4 letters ENDS
Fit for harvesting 4 letters RIPE
Boring 4 letters BLAH
21-Down e.g. 4 letters ISLE
End of a mob? 4 letters STER
Full collection 3 letters SET
Loyola domain 3 letters EDU
OR principals 3 letters DRS
Peril in a Poe title 3 letters PIT

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