LA Times Crossword September 14 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword September 14 2021 Answers:

Mortify 5 letters ABASH
Late bloomer 5 letters ASTER
Education basic 4 letters MATH
Starbucks order 5 letters MOCHA
Laughing say 5 letters MERRY
Et __ 4 letters ALIA
Complimentary thoughts? 16 letters PRAISEONONESMIND
Half a Caribbean federation 10 letters SAINTKITTS
Breitling competitor 5 letters OMEGA
Where some long drives begin 3 letters TEE
Certain octet member 6 letters PLANET
Subtitle for Further Adventures of Jack and Jill? 13 letters BEYONDTHEPAIL
U.K. singer Rita 3 letters ORA
Like the sticks 5 letters RURAL
Tentative statement 4 letters IMAY
Collaborative website 4 letters WIKI
Classic slot images 6 letters LEMONS
Emanation 4 letters AURA
He that hath no beard is __ than a man: Shak. 4 letters LESS
Battery post 5 letters ANODE
Capt.’s heading 3 letters NNW
Reason to open another register? 13 letters WAITREDUCTION
Lean (on) 6 letters DEPEND
Balloting time: Abbr. 3 letters NOV
Flotilla locale 5 letters OCEAN
Keep up (with) as fashion trends 10 letters STAYINSTEP
Rate hike at a tanning salon? 16 letters ULTRAVIOLETRAISE
Goa garment 4 letters SARI
Edible bulb 5 letters ONION
Macabre fiction middle name 5 letters ALLAN
State of France 4 letters ETAT
Some red marks 5 letters WELTS
Knish purveyors 5 letters DELIS
Stage flankers 4 letters AMPS
When doubled one of the Leeward Islands 4 letters BORA
Trendy berry 4 letters ACAI
Way of the gods belief 6 letters SHINTO
Get a move on 6 letters HASTEN
French mine 4 letters AMOI
Posted 4 letters SENT
Display with out 4 letters TROT
Sea eagles 4 letters ERNS
White alternative 3 letters RYE
Class for dogs and cats 8 letters MAMMALIA
Guardians of the Galaxy figure 5 letters ALIEN
Slight suggestion 5 letters TINGE
Attacked 5 letters HADAT
Squeezed (out) 4 letters EKED
Arias usually 4 letters SOLI
Comrades 4 letters PALS
Postseason game 4 letters BOWL
Historic canal 4 letters ERIE
Runs on 4 letters YAKS
Nottingham’s river 5 letters TRENT
Laugh producer 5 letters HUMOR
Undercut 5 letters ERODE
Comprising standard glazing 5 letters PANED
Local bond briefly 4 letters MUNI
The Ponte Vecchio spans it 4 letters ARNO
[What a bore!] 4 letters YAWN
Scout’s honor! 8 letters ISWEARIT
Attacked with into 4 letters LAID
Kendrick of Pitch Perfect films 4 letters ANNA
Meter e.g. 4 letters UNIT
Heart of Darkness author 6 letters CONRAD
Deal in electronics? 6 letters TVSALE
Put out 5 letters DOUSE
Eye-popping display 5 letters ECLAT
Ancient Jordanian archaeological city 5 letters PETRA
Trig function 4 letters SINE
Labor 4 letters TOIL
Oodles 4 letters ALOT
Hungers 4 letters YENS
Prepare for sowing 4 letters TILL
Actor Morales 4 letters ESAI
They’re often secured at tellers’ windows 4 letters PENS
Commitment 3 letters VOW

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