LA Times Crossword October 31 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword October 31 2020 Answers:

One of the alkali metals 9 letters POTASSIUM
Enjoy a meal with down 4 letters CHOW
Lacking taste say 10 letters UNARTISTIC
Yul’s Solomon and Sheba co-star 4 letters GINA
Where fajitas may be seen 10 letters TEXMEXMENU
Senior suffix 4 letters ITIS
Ability 5 letters SKILL
Breaks down 4 letters SOBS
Big extinct bird 3 letters MOA
Frozen snowman 4 letters OLAF
Chem lab substance 7 letters REAGENT
Casino option 8 letters BACCARAT
Exercise apparel 6 letters SWEATS
Out of control 4 letters AMOK
Increase 4 letters GROW
Fungal rye disease 5 letters ERGOT
Wheel part 3 letters RIM
Attack as with questions 7 letters BOMBARD
Org. monitoring gas prices 3 letters AAA
Pram occupant’s diaper 5 letters NAPPY
__ lily: Utah state flower 4 letters SEGO
W.E.B. Du Bois’ Tennessee alma mater 4 letters FISK
Looks of contempt 6 letters SNEERS
Maker of Contadina products 8 letters DELMONTE
Shakespeare’s fairy queen 7 letters TITANIA
Evening in Paris 4 letters SOIR
Dedicatory lines 3 letters ODE
Wings with rooms 4 letters ELLS
__ fog 5 letters DENSE
Outer layer 4 letters RIND
1963 Johnny Thunder hit 10 letters LOOPDELOOP
Footwear for the stealthy maybe 4 letters MOCS
Where’s everyone else? 10 letters YOUREALONE
Originate 4 letters STEM
Like some eggs 9 letters FREERANGE
With 31-Down finalizes in publishing 4 letters PUTS
Short race 4 letters ONEK
Approach the gate perhaps 4 letters TAXI
Wrestling maneuver 7 letters ARMLOCK
Blanche’s sister in a Williams play 6 letters STELLA
Number before Number? 3 letters SIX
Belief suffix 3 letters ISM
Pickup cousins briefly 4 letters UTES
Inconsequential 5 letters MINOR
Movie SFX 3 letters CGI
Request before reaching 21? 10 letters HITMEAGAIN
Savory baked bread 10 letters ONIONTOAST
Hung in the balance 10 letters WASATSTAKE
Dice e.g. 5 letters CUBES
Shortened a log 5 letters SAWED
Ship that encountered Sirens 4 letters ARGO
Rural spreads 5 letters FARMS
Switz. neighbor 3 letters GER
Campaigns rurally 10 letters BARNSTORMS
That was so stupid of me! 10 letters AMIANIDIOT
Skills 10 letters COMPETENCE
See 1-Down 5 letters TOBED
Pay 5 letters WAGES
Talking Heads lead singer David 5 letters BYRNE
Cone-like candy 4 letters ROLO
Little veggie 3 letters PEA
Patti Austin album dedicated to a legendary jazz vocalist 7 letters FORELLA
Frivolous 5 letters SILLY
Piercing locale perhaps 6 letters MIDEAR
Disinterested 5 letters ALOOF
Whiskey __ 4 letters SOUR
Palindromic time 4 letters NOON
Grammy honoree 4 letters SONG
Duel tool 4 letters EPEE
Mil. decoration 3 letters DSM
With fix it describes itself 3 letters PRE
Land’s end? 3 letters DEE

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