LA Times Crossword October 18 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword October 18 2020 Answers:

Rush job notation 4 letters ASAP
Lose one’s way at the podium 6 letters RAMBLE
Wild guess 4 letters STAB
Eastern way 3 letters TAO
Valley with vines 4 letters NAPA
Court 6 letters ATRIUM
Cry out loud 4 letters WAIL
__ Luna: Allende novel 3 letters EVA
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing singer Leo 5 letters SAYER
Wrecked Mitsubishi SUVs? 15 letters TOTALEDECLIPSES
End-of-page abbr. 3 letters PTO
1998 animated bug film 4 letters ANTZ
And how! 6 letters SUREDO
Eponymous lab dish inventor 5 letters PETRI
Iconic ’60s-’70s TV caretaker 7 letters AUNTBEE
Skein formers 5 letters GEESE
Response to Shall we? 4 letters LETS
Followed Chevy SUVs? 14 letters TRAILEDBLAZERS
Worn 4 letters USED
Made 6 letters EARNED
Inflexible 5 letters RIGID
Indian term of respect 3 letters SRI
Modern office staples 3 letters PCS
Foundry waste 4 letters SLAG
Kept adding to as a tab 5 letters RANUP
Choice for the kitchen 9 letters FLOORTILE
Thrust 7 letters ESSENCE
Like-minded group 4 letters BLOC
Greenwich who co-wrote songs for the Ronettes and Crystals 5 letters ELLIE
Tar 7 letters OLDSALT
Head cases? 6 letters CRANIA
Tricks 4 letters CONS
Fraternity letter 3 letters TAU
Found spots for Ford pickups? 13 letters PARKEDRANGERS
Tiny songbird 3 letters TIT
Eject 4 letters OUST
Simple to manage 6 letters WIELDY
Pepper named for a state 7 letters TABASCO
What the Butler Saw playwright 5 letters ORTON
The E in Q.E.D. 4 letters ERAT
Indian spice mixtures 7 letters MASALAS
The Dirty Dozen star 9 letters LEEMARVIN
Comic strip frame 5 letters PANEL
José’s home 4 letters CASA
Put the kibosh on 3 letters END
Sock part 3 letters TOE
Poker Flat creator 5 letters HARTE
Seals’ singing partner 6 letters CROFTS
Building for tools 4 letters SHED
Selected classic VWs at an online auction? 14 letters CLICKEDBEETLES
Partnership for Peace gp. 4 letters NATO
Leftovers wrap 5 letters SARAN
Crossword solver’s smudge 7 letters ERASURE
Something in the air 5 letters AROMA
Tenant 6 letters RENTER
Series finale: Abbr. 4 letters ETAL
Youngster 3 letters TOT
Pointed the way for Subaru SUVs? 15 letters DIRECTEDASCENTS
They cast no votes 5 letters ANTIS
Dr. Seuss’ Sam-__ 3 letters IAM
Former slugger Martinez 4 letters TINO
Weapons cache 6 letters ARMORY
Wasn’t straight 4 letters LIED
Pack critter 3 letters ASS
Getaway spots 4 letters SPAS
Fannies 6 letters TUSHES
Listening devices 4 letters EARS
Note in an E scale 8 letters ANATURAL
Parting word 8 letters SAYONARA
Wild way to go 3 letters APE
Good Samaritan story say 7 letters PARABLE
Betrayed with on 6 letters RATTED
Familiar gamut 4 letters ATOZ
1980s Peppard co-star 3 letters MRT
Partiality 4 letters BIAS
Whopper 4 letters LULU
Broke the surface 7 letters EMERGED
Borg and Bergman 6 letters SWEDES
Snacks in shells 5 letters TACOS
Afflict 3 letters AIL
Minor disruption 4 letters BLIP
Took Honda SUVs for demo drives? 12 letters TESTEDPILOTS
Ward off 5 letters AVERT
Spring locale 5 letters OASIS
Sudden outbursts 6 letters SPATES
Bucks in the woods 4 letters DEER
Soccer immortal 4 letters PELE
Obligation 4 letters NEED
Slight touches 6 letters TINGES
Multinational money 4 letters EURO
White rice’s lack 4 letters BRAN
The Mod Squad cop with an Afro 4 letters LINC
Feverish feeling 4 letters AGUE
Energy 3 letters ZIP
Bring into being 4 letters SIRE
Like some norms or ills 8 letters SOCIETAL
Medical center 6 letters CLINIC
Takes care of 6 letters SEESTO
Work with a hunter perhaps 8 letters RETRIEVE
Spanish dessert 4 letters FLAN
Yearn 4 letters LONG
Coddling for a comrade briefly 3 letters TLC
Weaken 3 letters SAP
Picnic staple 4 letters SLAW
Product of Bali 3 letters BRA
Lawrence of Arabia star Peter 6 letters OTOOLE
MLB Network sportscaster __ Shehadi 6 letters LAUREN
Cleaned the interiors of Geo compacts? 12 letters DUSTEDSTORMS
Weep 3 letters CRY
Decimated Asian sea 4 letters ARAL
The Americans co-star Russell 4 letters KERI
Pizzazz 4 letters ELAN
Banned pesticide 3 letters DDT
Govt. org. that aids entrepreneurs 3 letters SBA
Barnyard male 3 letters TOM
Fancy ties 6 letters ASCOTS
Rapper cousin of Snoop 4 letters NATE
Target 4 letters MARK
Required pot contribution 4 letters ANTE
Start of an idea 4 letters SEED
Fishing gear 4 letters RODS
Super __ 3 letters PAC
Quivering 8 letters AFLUTTER
Focus of a 1990s-2000s baseball era 8 letters STEROIDS
Stocks and such 6 letters ASSETS
Implies 7 letters HINTSAT
Michael of Arrested Development 4 letters CERA
Naturally carbonated brew 7 letters REALALE
Main Web page 4 letters HOME
Doctrines 6 letters CREDOS
Young Clark’s love 4 letters LANA
Ross and DeVos 6 letters BETSYS
Gymnast Comaneci 5 letters NADIA
Opera solos 5 letters ARIAS
__ football 5 letters ARENA
Takes steps 4 letters ACTS
Linen hue 4 letters ECRU
Radiation measures 4 letters REMS
To be in Tours 4 letters ETRE
Let me give you a __ … 3 letters TIP
Japanese drama 3 letters NOH
Long of Empire 3 letters NIA

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