LA Times Crossword October 17 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword October 17 2020 Answers:

They clean up 8 letters JANITORS
Menu category including shells 5 letters PASTA
Park for one 8 letters OPENAREA
Monopoly player? 6 letters CARTEL
Sign in many restaurant windows 8 letters UBEREATS
Emblem on a dollar bill 6 letters USSEAL
For or against 4 letters SIDE
Parisian street food 6 letters CREPES
CPR group 3 letters EMS
__ Story 3 letters TOY
Reasons for sighs 10 letters CLOSECALLS
Female rabbit 3 letters DOE
Like Home Alone 7 letters RATEDPG
City NNW of Park City 5 letters OGDEN
Many glasses are sold as one 4 letters PAIR
Queen dowager of Jordan 4 letters NOOR
Browning but not cooking 4 letters POET
Have the ability to 5 letters COULD
Ripped 4 letters TORE
Barbecue tool feature 4 letters TINE
Fireside sight 4 letters LOGS
Like some tricks 5 letters DIRTY
Showed scorn 7 letters SNORTED
Erie Canal mule 3 letters SAL
App update messages say 10 letters PUSHALERTS
Award show VIPs 3 letters MCS
Egg dropper 3 letters HEN
Plane for one 6 letters EVENER
What can I help you with? speaker 4 letters SIRI
Clear out 6 letters VACATE
It often includes a colon 8 letters EMOTICON
Amtrak speedsters 6 letters ACELAS
Retreat from as a previous statement 8 letters WALKBACK
Gives up 5 letters CEDES
Clomps (through) as a puddle 8 letters SPLOSHES
Renaissance faire contest 5 letters JOUST
Challenging H.S. science class 5 letters APBIO
Clingy say 5 letters NEEDY
Memo intro 4 letters INRE
Menlo Park N.J. notable 3 letters TAE
Pythia of the Temple of Apollo for one 6 letters ORACLE
Vintage 5 letters RETRO
MS enclosures 5 letters SASES
Volkswagen sedan 6 letters PASSAT
MGM motto word 3 letters ARS
Safe room barrier 9 letters STEELDOOR
Baseball or soccer 9 letters TEAMSPORT
Start of a Shakespeare title 4 letters ALLS
Its lines have lines 7 letters CUECARD
Hazards 6 letters PERILS
Sting 3 letters CON
Ingredient in the Indian dish dal 6 letters LENTIL
Discourages 6 letters DETERS
Like a cloudy London day 4 letters GREY
Goes (for) 4 letters OPTS
Gentle parting sentiment 9 letters GOINPEACE
Criticized publicly 9 letters DENOUNCED
Charley in Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley 6 letters POODLE
National Mustard Day mo. 3 letters AUG
Adheres … or separates 7 letters CLEAVES
__ Kapital 3 letters DAS
Angle symbols 6 letters THETAS
Boardwalk activity 6 letters STROLL
Online show offering Hollywood info 5 letters ENEWS
Update after a new survey maybe 5 letters REMAP
Biblical prophet 5 letters MICAH
Time in a Bottle singer 5 letters CROCE
Some islands have them 5 letters SINKS
Temperature control syst. 4 letters HVAC
They’re often rivals 4 letters SIBS
Ginger __ 3 letters ALE
Ring decision briefly 3 letters TKO

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