LA Times Crossword November 22 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword November 22 2020 Answers:

Respectfully tip 4 letters DOFF
Shopper’s delight 4 letters SALE
Four-time NFL Pro Bowl safety __ Chancellor 3 letters KAM
Computer addresses: Abbr. 3 letters IPS
Newscaster Lindström 3 letters PIA
Garfield’s foil 4 letters ODIE
Elemental bit 4 letters ATOM
Street in Montréal 3 letters RUE
Farm equipment 7 letters SEEDERS
Headline announcing Thomas Kingsford’s 1842 process? 13 letters ASTARCHISBORN
Peak in Exod. 7 letters MTSINAI
Speeds 5 letters RACES
Poet’s in a trice 4 letters ANON
Secret supplies 7 letters STASHES
English cheese town 7 letters STILTON
Ovid work 6 letters AMORES
The Beatles’ __ Loser 3 letters IMA
Gimlet garnish 4 letters LIME
Breakfast product made from trees? 15 letters ALLBRANCHCEREAL
Hold your horses! 6 letters INASEC
Approx. landing time 3 letters ETA
Carnival city 3 letters RIO
Mid-12th-century date 4 letters MCLI
Place for the good guys? 10 letters MENSCHROOM
Tissue swellings 6 letters EDEMAS
Medical suffix 3 letters OMA
Little laughs 4 letters HEES
From the top 4 letters ANEW
Ancient German 6 letters TEUTON
Eye layer 6 letters SCLERA
Fast-food franchise started in Rocky Mount NC 7 letters HARDEES
Do penance 5 letters ATONE
Mad Hatter’s cup? 19 letters CHALICEINWONDERLAND
Pants fabric 5 letters CHINO
Tops that bare arms and midriffs 7 letters HALTERS
Bites 6 letters NOSHES
__ vinegar 6 letters OILAND
Secluded valley 4 letters GLEN
Lad in Limerick 4 letters BOYO
MD’s request 3 letters MRI
Field and Ride 6 letters SALLYS
Apex predator at the feeder? 10 letters SHARKFINCH
Gets steamed 4 letters IRES
Golfer’s concern 3 letters LIE
Part of a split 3 letters PIN
Worth remembering 6 letters OFNOTE
Literary slugger making cookies? 15 letters CASEYATTHEBATCH
Email button 4 letters SEND
Soong __-ling: Madame Chiang 3 letters MEI
All but one of the balls in 9-Ball 6 letters SOLIDS
D.C.’s __ Row 7 letters EMBASSY
Composer Saint-Saëns 7 letters CAMILLE
Lift one’s spirits? 4 letters TOPE
Bike part 5 letters CHAIN
Low-tech traveler’s reference 7 letters USATLAS
What keeps the church singers healthy? 13 letters CHORALHYGIENE
Puts on a pedestal 7 letters ESTEEMS
Give a leg up 3 letters AID
Legal claim 4 letters LIEN
Promo on the tube 4 letters TVAD
Sault __ Marie 3 letters STE
2000 Peace Prize recipient Kim __-jung 3 letters DAE
Apt. listing abbr. 3 letters RMS
Pain in the neck e.g. 4 letters ACHE
Evergreen shrubs 4 letters YEWS
__ double take 3 letters DOA
Consumes to excess briefly 3 letters ODS
It’s thrown in anger 3 letters FIT
Courageous 8 letters FEARLESS
Vanzetti’s partner 5 letters SACCO
Greek goddess of wisdom 6 letters ATHENA
Daily Planet name 4 letters LOIS
Ambulance initials 3 letters EMS
Swedish monetary units 6 letters KRONOR
Second-largest Illinois city 6 letters AURORA
Skin Bracer maker 6 letters MENNEN
Beliefs 4 letters ISMS
Ruffled-edge underskirt 9 letters PETTICOAT
Kind of oil used in hummus 6 letters SESAME
Phnom __ 4 letters PENH
Wrath in a hymn 4 letters IRAE
5-Across alert 4 letters ASIS
Win over 6 letters DISARM
Informer 3 letters RAT
__ Bigelow echoically nicknamed 20th-century wrestler 6 letters BAMBAM
Remote 4 letters SLIM
Spork prong 4 letters TINE
Somali-born supermodel 4 letters IMAN
Voice above tenor 4 letters ALTO
Attached with spiral hardware 7 letters SCREWED
Many August births 4 letters LEOS
That guy 3 letters HIM
Transition area between plant communities 7 letters ECOTONE
Nuts that put the joy in candy bars? 7 letters ALMONDS
Former NPR host Hansen 5 letters LIANE
Levels of authority 8 letters ECHELONS
SNL alumna Oteri 5 letters CHERI
Get to 5 letters REACH
Home of the Ewoks 5 letters ENDOR
Cook Paula et al. 5 letters DEENS
Closes securely 8 letters SEALSOFF
Half-elf married to Aragorn 5 letters ARWEN
Home of Canyonlands National Park 4 letters UTAH
Astronaut Wally 7 letters SCHIRRA
Habaneros and jalapeños 7 letters CHILIES
Turner on a screen 4 letters LANA
Like sledding terrain 5 letters HILLY
Feeds the pot 5 letters ANTES
Tijuana mister 5 letters SENOR
Aerie newcomers 7 letters EAGLETS
Pulitzer-winning Chicago journalist Mike 5 letters ROYKO
Demetri Martin e.g. 5 letters COMIC
Exiled religious leader 9 letters DALAILAMA
Judge’s seat 4 letters BANC
Ignited 3 letters LIT
The Blacklist star 6 letters SPADER
Top numbers 4 letters HITS
Extreme foolishness 8 letters INSANITY
Negatives 4 letters NOES
UPS boxes 4 letters CTNS
Actress Lamarr 4 letters HEDY
Arab or Hebrew 6 letters SEMITE
Showed anger perhaps 6 letters YELLED
Wheels involved in a crime maybe 6 letters HOTCAR
Hebrew God 6 letters ELOHIM
Two-legged supports 6 letters BIPODS
Conniving laugh 6 letters HEHHEH
ESPN journalist Kenny 5 letters MAYNE
Trending 3 letters BIG
Lines before yours say 4 letters CUES
Admin. aide 4 letters ASST
Pal 4 letters MATE
Latin 101 verb 4 letters ESSE
__ Stic: retractable Bic pen 4 letters CLIC
In the manner of 3 letters ALA
Night before the big day 3 letters EVE
Rural regrets 3 letters NAW

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