LA Times Crossword November 21 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword November 21 2020 Answers:

2015-’20 TV hip-hop musical drama 6 letters EMPIRE
Toyota sedans 7 letters AVALONS
Outer organ layer 6 letters CORTEX
Email staple 8 letters EMOTICON
Pooh-pooh with at 6 letters SNEEZE
Michelangelo’s David for one 8 letters MALENUDE
Do something to hide? 3 letters TAN
Devoted 6 letters ARDENT
Name on the 1949 Death of a Salesman playbill 4 letters ELIA
Bad news word 4 letters ALAS
Thrice in prescriptions 3 letters TER
Nosh 5 letters SNACK
Proportional gift 5 letters TITHE
Extreme distress 5 letters AGONY
Curious George co-author Margret 3 letters REY
Start of a Huh? response 5 letters ISAID
Fix up as an old pool 6 letters RELINE
Comics characters in Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat 15 letters CALVINANDHOBBES
Duck soup 6 letters ACINCH
Exmoor heroine 5 letters DOONE
Part of the 56-Across 3 letters SIB
Tucker of country 5 letters TANYA
Warblers’ warbles 5 letters SONGS
Law school beginners 5 letters ONELS
High-__: upscale 3 letters END
__ Sea: Arctic Ocean arm 4 letters KARA
Cut with light 4 letters LASE
It was delayed three months in 2020 6 letters TAXDAY
See 42-Across 3 letters FAM
Apple Pencil go-with 8 letters IPADMINI
Honest! 6 letters NOJIVE
Try-before-you-buy item 8 letters DEMOUNIT
Ace of Base e.g. 6 letters SWEDES
The Mets have shown me more ways to lose than I even knew existed speaker 7 letters STENGEL
First arrival 6 letters ELDEST
Stoked 8 letters ECSTATIC
16th-century masterpiece 8 letters MONALISA
Like most OB visits 8 letters PRENATAL
Mineral ending 3 letters ITE
Exiled Shah Mohammad __ Pahlavi 4 letters REZA
Bring into play 5 letters EXERT
Start of many bar jokes 4 letters AMAN
Electric Chevy 4 letters VOLT
Put away 3 letters ATE
Bedding 5 letters LINEN
Concerned with pupils? 6 letters OCULAR
Fat chance 6 letters NODICE
Disingenuous 6 letters SNEAKY
Way away from danger 13 letters EMERGENCYEXIT
Start of a request for advice 7 letters DEARANN
Hindu deity 5 letters SHIVA
Clerical assemblies 6 letters SYNODS
Royal commands 6 letters EDICTS
Warhorse 7 letters OLDHAND
Org. studying epidemics 3 letters NIH
Digital read 5 letters EBOOK
Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 letters NIA
Real 8 letters BONAFIDE
Cuts in lines 8 letters ENGRAVES
Fictional NYC thoroughfare 8 letters SESAMEST
Big favors in slang 6 letters SOLIDS
Ticked 6 letters INAPET
__ Mucho: 1944 #1 song 6 letters BESAME
Conned 5 letters LEDON
__ avec les stars 5 letters DANSE
Pointed part 4 letters TINE
Indigo dye 4 letters ANIL
Wail 4 letters YOWL
Travel __ 3 letters MUG
Clampett patriarch 3 letters JED

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