LA Times Crossword May 9 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword May 9 2021 Answers:

Bullpen hero 6 letters CLOSER
Technical opening? 4 letters PYRO
Juan or Jose lead-in 3 letters SAN
Mom’s sis 6 letters AUNTIE
Semi warning 4 letters HORN
Asian menu general 3 letters TSO
Horror film setting 11 letters VACANTHOUSE
Physicist with a law 3 letters OHM
Bird feeder cake 4 letters SUET
Common math base 3 letters TEN
Ocean dots 5 letters ISLES
Rural Out of the office sign 11 letters GONEFISHING
Acting twins Mary-Kate and Ashley 6 letters OLSENS
Feel some pain 4 letters ACHE
Send forth 5 letters ISSUE
Hotshot 3 letters ACE
Easy gait 4 letters LOPE
Ammo for a starter pistol 15 letters BLANKCARTRIDGES
Zingers 4 letters MOTS
Vote say 3 letters OPT
Title Kazakh in a 2006 spoof 5 letters BORAT
Big heads? 4 letters EGOS
Revolver? 6 letters PLANET
One whose chicks have flown? 11 letters EMPTYNESTER
Color separator 5 letters PRISM
__ Gang 3 letters OUR
Minimally 4 letters ABIT
Many times in poems 3 letters OFT
Explanation for an evolutionary transition 11 letters MISSINGLINK
Pointillism unit 3 letters DOT
Stirring solo 4 letters ARIA
Rio Grande city 6 letters ELPASO
George Strait’s All My __ Live in Texas 3 letters EXS
Watch over 4 letters TEND
Bird hangouts 6 letters ROOSTS
LeBron et al. briefly 4 letters CAVS
Waikiki party 4 letters LUAU
Back in the day 4 letters ONCE
Saves for a 1-Across 4 letters STAT
Strauss’ __ Heldenleben 3 letters EIN
1984 Olympics gymnastics standout 6 letters RETTON
LG product 5 letters PHONE
That’s so __! 3 letters YOU
$200 Monopoly props. 3 letters RRS
Vague lunch date time 6 letters ONEISH
Skyy alternative familiarly 5 letters STOLI
Looking drained 5 letters ASHEN
Chinese menu promise 5 letters NOMSG
Coop residents 4 letters HENS
Jim’s role on The Big Bang Theory 7 letters SHELDON
Best Buy Squad member 4 letters GEEK
It’s true 4 letters FACT
One piping frosting 4 letters ICER
Kon-Tiki Museum city 4 letters OSLO
Hurdle for atty. wannabes 4 letters LSAT
Stereotypical Western-ending backdrops 7 letters SUNSETS
Watson’s company 3 letters IBM
National Gallery attraction 3 letters ART
Meanie 4 letters OGRE
Fuel used in some whisky production 4 letters PEAT
Md. winter hours 3 letters EST
Masked critter 4 letters COON
Holy recess 4 letters APSE
Building girder 4 letters IBAR
Floor exercise surface 6 letters GYMMAT
Spitting sound 4 letters PTUI
My Fair Lady lyricist 6 letters LERNER
Lyric poem 5 letters EPODE
Fantastic Dahl character 5 letters MRFOX
Pulitzer-winning columnist Leonard 5 letters PITTS
Alas! 5 letters SOSAD
Lunch for Spot maybe 4 letters ALPO
Fairness obstacle 4 letters BIAS
Brookings e.g.: Abbr. 4 letters INST
Boxing stats 4 letters TKOS
Fury 3 letters IRE
Ignore a Commandment 3 letters SIN
Day-__ 3 letters GLO

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