LA Times Crossword March 6 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword March 6 2021 Answers:

Arrest 4 letters HALT
Dwarf planet named for a goddess 4 letters ERIS
Places to relax 5 letters BATHS
Prefix meaning personal 4 letters IDIO
Caribbean isle seriously damaged by a 1995 volcanic eruption 10 letters MONTSERRAT
Threshold adjoiner 4 letters JAMB
Law enforcement tool that may be triggered by a siren 10 letters BODYCAMERA
Natural healer 4 letters ALOE
First-class freebie on long-haul flights 10 letters AMENITYKIT
1959 winner of 11 Oscars 6 letters BENHUR
Alfred of coffee fame 4 letters PEET
Mollycoddle 6 letters COSSET
Jocular headlock accompaniment 6 letters NOOGIE
Yani __ youngest golfer to win five majors 5 letters TSENG
Trendy 4 letters CHIC
Head makeup 4 letters SUDS
Loose 7 letters UNLEASH
Some holy city dwellers 7 letters MECCANS
They go with guys 4 letters GALS
Ithaca opening 4 letters IOTA
Pirogue e.g. 5 letters CANOE
Campaign buy 6 letters SPOTAD
Reply card say 6 letters INSERT
Viral internet item 4 letters MEME
NFL highlight reel clip 6 letters TDPASS
Barista’s concoction 10 letters CAFFEMOCHA
Get in the game 4 letters ANTE
Reference for budding meteorologists 10 letters CLOUDATLAS
Acid __ 4 letters RAIN
Sara Pennypacker kid-lit heroine 10 letters CLEMENTINE
Capone capturers 4 letters TMEN
Evening stroll 5 letters PASEO
Stone massage sites 4 letters SPAS
Class with poses 4 letters YOGA
Muslim veil 5 letters HIJAB
Allan-__: Robin Hood cohort 5 letters ADALE
Citrus liqueur 10 letters LIMONCELLO
Truth is … 10 letters TOBEHONEST
Imprisons 6 letters EMBARS
Leeway 4 letters ROOM
Thorough 7 letters INDEPTH
Composer Jule 5 letters STYNE
Reach ahead of 6 letters BEATTO
Private employer 4 letters ARMY
Wisconsin-based bike brand 4 letters TREK
Spydom name 4 letters HARI
Actuarial datum e.g. 4 letters STAT
Rocket __ 7 letters SCIENCE
Bob Jones Award org. 4 letters USGA
Parrot 4 letters ECHO
Prime spot for stargazing? 10 letters OSCARPARTY
Cuban city with a U.S. Navy base 10 letters GUANTANAMO
SSN e.g. 4 letters IDNO
To be in Latin 4 letters ESSE
Harbor sights 4 letters TUGS
Flip out 4 letters SNAP
Mononymous supermodel 4 letters IMAN
Jazz group guy 7 letters SIDEMAN
In the loop 4 letters CCED
Accessory with a suit 7 letters TIECLIP
Artist Modigliani 6 letters AMEDEO
Equilibria 6 letters STASES
Big name in apple products 5 letters MOTTS
The Girl Who Played With Fire author Larsson 5 letters STIEG
Medicinal shrub 5 letters SENNA
Cosmonaut’s insignia once 4 letters CCCP
Spaghetti __ puttanesca 4 letters ALLA
Krystle and Alexis on the 1980s Dynasty e.g. 4 letters FOES
Stew 4 letters FUME
Maui’s famously twisty Road to __ 4 letters HANA

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