LA Times Crossword June 22 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword June 22 2021 Answers:

Transplant to a new container 5 letters REPOT
Wd. modifying a noun 3 letters ADJ
Triumphant shouts 5 letters TADAS
Appliance maker 5 letters AMANA
CT scan relative 3 letters MRI
Room on the Clue board 5 letters STUDY
Boss on a red truck 9 letters FIRECHIEF
Tuesday fare? 5 letters TACOS
Letters before Fridays in a restaurant name 3 letters TGI
Campus party garb 4 letters TOGA
Arrange in order 4 letters SORT
Divisions of history 4 letters ERAS
Writer of arcade entertainment reviews 10 letters GAMECRITIC
Detox facility 5 letters REHAB
Long __ of the law 3 letters ARM
In the past 3 letters AGO
Riotous spree 7 letters RAMPAGE
Per item 4 letters APOP
Frozen food biggie 15 letters MARIECALLENDERS
Desktop image 4 letters ICON
Premier League powerhouse 7 letters ARSENAL
Progressive spokeswoman 3 letters FLO
Toward the stern 3 letters AFT
French fathers 5 letters PERES
National STEM Competition for middle school visionaries 10 letters FUTURECITY
Eye care brand 4 letters RENU
Sword’s sharp part 4 letters EDGE
1857 litigant Scott 4 letters DRED
Road goo 3 letters TAR
Super-excited 5 letters GIDDY
Chinese menu standard or what’s literally found in the circled letters? 9 letters FRIEDRICE
Disney’s Little Mermaid 5 letters ARIEL
Sass 3 letters LIP
Hilda and Zelda to TV’s Sabrina 5 letters AUNTS
Category in iTunes 5 letters GENRE
Employ 3 letters USE
Dough raiser 5 letters YEAST
Roofing support 6 letters RAFTER
Political refugee 6 letters EMIGRE
Outcast 6 letters PARIAH
Number of beers that fall off the wall in each round of the song 3 letters ONE
Diplomat’s skill 4 letters TACT
Latina friend 5 letters AMIGA
I Have a __: MLK 5 letters DREAM
Skippy rival 3 letters JIF
Noisy weather event briefly 6 letters TSTORM
Arcade pioneer 5 letters ATARI
All-purpose roll 8 letters DUCTTAPE
Hubbub 3 letters ADO
Part of CBS: Abbr. 3 letters SYS
Harley e.g. 3 letters HOG
It allows air but keeps out bugs 6 letters SCREEN
Deadly nerve gas 5 letters SARIN
Great Seal bird 5 letters EAGLE
Young Frankenstein aide 4 letters IGOR
Many Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters 4 letters COPS
Sweetie in slang 3 letters BAE
Antivirus giant 6 letters MCAFEE
Medicare Advantage familiarly 5 letters PARTC
Pacino and Roker 3 letters ALS
Sherlock Holmes adversary Irene 5 letters ADLER
Offend slightly 4 letters MIFF
Civil rights org. 4 letters ACLU
Based on as opinions vis-à-vis faith 8 letters ROOTEDIN
Daytime snooze 3 letters NAP
Diamond pattern 6 letters ARGYLE
Light-sensitive eye layer 6 letters RETINA
Passes as laws 6 letters ENACTS
Most certain 6 letters SUREST
Part of a cow the milk comes from 5 letters UDDER
Elba who played Mandela 5 letters IDRIS
Total rubbish 5 letters TRIPE
__-haw! 3 letters YEE
June 6 1944 4 letters DDAY
Gift at a white elephant exchange say 3 letters GAG
Wrath 3 letters IRE
Annual shot target 3 letters FLU
Parisian street 3 letters RUE

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