LA Times Crossword June 20 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword June 20 2021 Answers:

Market division 5 letters AISLE
Subterfuge on ice 4 letters DEKE
High-quality 6 letters TOPEND
Makes the rounds for rounds 7 letters BARHOPS
Thick noodle 4 letters UDON
No Reservations host Anthony 8 letters BOURDAIN
One of four women with an EGOT 12 letters WHOOPIAUBERG
Early rotary-winged aircraft 8 letters AUTOGIRO
Winning __ everything 4 letters ISNT
Butt heads 6 letters TUSSLE
Elizabeth I Emmy winner 9 letters JEREMYFES
… going going __! 4 letters GONE
Speedy shark 4 letters MAKO
Give in to gravity 3 letters SAG
Joint winner of the FIFA Player of the 20th Century award 10 letters DIEGOMARNA
Magic’s org. 3 letters NBA
Martini partner 5 letters ROSSI
Foot rest? 6 letters INSOLE
Games go-with 3 letters FUN
Long Day’s Journey Into Night dramatist 10 letters EUGENEEILL
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs e.g. 5 letters OCTAD
Sweet __ 3 letters TEA
Christmas opener? 5 letters MERRY
Court exchange 5 letters RALLY
Author Silverstein 4 letters SHEL
Nothing in Naples 6 letters NIENTE
The Waltons actor 4 letters GEER
Frozen reindeer 4 letters SVEN
Screen star say 4 letters ICON
Horse trailer? 4 letters CART
Red-wrapped cheese 4 letters EDAM
PC panic button 3 letters ESC
__ Creed 6 letters NICENE
Countermand 7 letters RESCIND
Scarcity 6 letters DEARTH
Tokyo before the Meiji Restoration 3 letters EDO
N. Macedonia is its newest member 4 letters NATO
Capital of Latvia 4 letters EURO
Threadbare 4 letters WORN
Mo. once seventh 4 letters SEPT
Immortal Babe 4 letters RUTH
Stitched again 6 letters RESEWN
Whaler of fiction 4 letters AHAB
Spanish bar food 5 letters TAPAS
Kind of trap 5 letters BOOBY
That’s enough! 3 letters TMI
Mild cigar 5 letters CLARO
Grammy winner for comedy and banjo playing 10 letters STEVEMARSN
Is for you? 3 letters ARE
Islands west of Lisbon 6 letters AZORES
Buss It rapper Banks 5 letters ERICA
One-named singer who directed Music (2021) 3 letters SIA
Emmy-winning comedian/actress 10 letters SARAHAGMAN
Airport calc. 3 letters ETD
In the __ of time 4 letters NICK
The Kite Runner protagonist 4 letters AMIR
Rami Malek’s Best Actor role 9 letters FREDDIEHG
Softly illuminated 6 letters LOWLIT
Obstacle 4 letters SNAG
Conspicuousness 8 letters SALIENCE
First living magician with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame 12 letters DAVIDCUFIELD
Against the flow 8 letters UPSTREAM
Galena and others 4 letters ORES
Easy way to win 7 letters INAROMP
Mortarboard dangler 6 letters TASSEL
Field protector 4 letters TARP
Church cries 5 letters AMENS
Fireworks reactions 4 letters AAHS
Fe 4 letters IRON
It may be a long one 4 letters SHOT
Prune 3 letters LOP
Ideal 7 letters EPITOME
Adds dialogue to 4 letters DUBS
Super Bowl LIII MVP Julian 7 letters EDELMAN
Divided land since 1945 5 letters KOREA
Official language of Belize: Abbr.  3 letters ENG
Outings with buses 5 letters TOURS
Make more than 7 letters OUTEARN
Teen in a tux often 8 letters PROMGOER
Unconventional maybe 4 letters EDGY
Ingenue 4 letters NAIF
Like some straits 4 letters DIRE
D.C. area airport 3 letters BWI
Sweat spot 5 letters SAUNA
Main squeeze in slang 3 letters BAE
House IDs 3 letters NOS
Highway toll e.g. 7 letters USERFEE
South African metropolis colloquially 6 letters JOBURG
Au 4 letters GOLD
Dad-to-tot talk support 4 letters KNEE
God of Guatemala 4 letters DIOS
Small amount to give 4 letters INCH
One of four direcciones 4 letters ESTE
Net defender 6 letters GOALIE
Subtlety 6 letters NUANCE
Shook in a way 6 letters AGREED
Lunar plains 4 letters SEAS
Ag 6 letters SILVER
Least well 6 letters ILLEST
Inspected 4 letters EYED
The Elephant Man (1980) director 5 letters LYNCH
Sn 3 letters TIN
Hg 7 letters MERCURY
Lack of musicality 5 letters NOEAR
Zap 4 letters TASE
Rn 5 letters RADON
First TV channel with 24-hr. news coverage 3 letters CNN
Swing seat maybe 4 letters TIRE
La Méditerranée e.g. 3 letters MER
Stick-y spots? 5 letters NESTS
Think 6 letters IDEATE
Cu 6 letters COPPER
Whirlybird raisers 6 letters ROTORS
Cosa __ 6 letters NOSTRA
Like old timers? 6 letters ANALOG
Bass in a band 4 letters TUBA
In Flanders Fields setting succinctly 3 letters WWI
Kipling’s Rikki-Tikki-__ 4 letters TAVI
Scam 6 letters HOSING
Shade of green 7 letters EMERALD
Hippocratic oath prohibition 4 letters HARM
Field or its measure 4 letters AREA
One on a fo’c’sle perhaps 4 letters BOSN
Union breakers 8 letters SECEDERS
__ B’rith 4 letters BNAI
Kingpin 4 letters CZAR
Afternoon feature 7 letters MATINEE
Invite for dinner say 7 letters ASKOVER
Yellowfin 7 letters AHITUNA
Firenze friends 5 letters AMICI
Window sticker 5 letters DECAL
Santa __ Calif. 5 letters CLARA
Seminoles’ sch. 3 letters FSU
Spellbound 4 letters RAPT
Lohengrin heroine 4 letters ELSA
Morse sounds that can spell hies 4 letters DITS
Fashion line? 3 letters HEM
Swirl of smoke 4 letters WISP
Royal address 4 letters SIRE
Ne 4 letters NEON
Contents of a monk’s bowl 4 letters ALMS
Econ. indicator 3 letters GDP
Point 3 letters DOT

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