LA Times Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

Davis with two Oscars 5 letters BETTE
Also says 4 letters ADDS
Say 5 letters UTTER
Warranty holders 5 letters USERS
Word with life or world 4 letters REAL
Indication of further installments 5 letters PARTI
Monarch known for her sketches? 16 letters MARYQUEENOFSKITS
Gridiron strategy 4 letters PUNT
It’s often filled with things for which it was not intended 6 letters GARAGE
It has no cutting edge 4 letters EPEE
Prince in both parts of Henry IV 3 letters HAL
MGM rival 3 letters RKO
Lessons in sympathy? 12 letters PITYTRAINING
Ownership query word 5 letters WHOSE
Precipitous 4 letters RASH
Substantial 5 letters MEATY
Sitter’s bane 3 letters IMP
Starter at some tables 4 letters ANTE
__ culpa 3 letters MEA
Ascend 4 letters GOUP
Egyptian talisman 6 letters SCARAB
Bill 4 letters BEAK
If you hate my work make your own sweater!? 12 letters LIKEITORKNIT
Zodiac symbol 6 letters SCALES
Military bands 6 letters SASHES
Judge with a bat 5 letters AARON
Related groups 4 letters SETS
Start a round 5 letters TEEUP
Like Ode on an Eaten Apple? 16 letters WRITTENTOTHECORE
Woodworking tool 4 letters ADZE
One working on the house 6 letters ROOFER
Cyclo- suffix 4 letters TRON
Having multiple leaders 4 letters TIED
Phooey! 6 letters AWNUTS
Part of DOS: Abbr. 4 letters SYST
Sign suggesting slowing 4 letters BUMP
Biblical twin 4 letters ESAU
Seagull kin 4 letters TERN
Taste it 7 letters TRYTHIS
Legal honorific: Abbr. 3 letters ESQ
Space 4 letters AREA
Woodland grazers 4 letters DEER
Fox’s partner on The X-Files 4 letters DANA
Tough go 4 letters SLOG
DHL alternative 3 letters UPS
Taste it 7 letters TAKEONE
Activate as a switch 4 letters TRIP
Rock ending in dance 4 letters ETTE
Shine partner 4 letters RISE
Way some situations turn 4 letters UGLY
Seedless plant 4 letters FERN
Wasted as profits 3 letters ATE
Kipling title hero 3 letters KIM
Make big in a way 10 letters POPULARIZE
Last Call singer Braxton 5 letters TRACI
Charged 5 letters RANAT
Minute Maid Park athlete 5 letters ASTRO
They say … 5 letters IHEAR
Study applicable to many sciences 10 letters GAMETHEORY
Freak (out) 3 letters WIG
Med. care provider 3 letters HMO
Bubble __ 3 letters TEA
Babble 3 letters YAK
Took the lead 7 letters PILOTED
French his 3 letters SES
Lib. contents 3 letters BKS
Divides equally 7 letters BISECTS
Daily Planet reporter 4 letters KENT
Silver with stats 4 letters NATE
Noticed attending 5 letters SAWAT
Rap’s __ B 5 letters CARDI
Roman bills 5 letters EUROS
Used up 5 letters SPENT
TV screen spots 4 letters SNOW
Prestigious English school 4 letters ETON
Vegan staple 4 letters TOFU
[Ignore that dele] 4 letters STET
Distinctive period 3 letters ERA
PO door posting 3 letters HRS

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