LA Times Crossword June 10 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword June 10 2021 Answers:

The Devil Wears Prada co-star 6 letters STREEP
Captain 4 letters KIRK
Some notebooks 3 letters PCS
Pirouettes 6 letters TWIRLS
Be in store 8 letters LIEAHEAD
Not in a good way 6 letters POORLY
Classic sci-fi name 8 letters MILLENNI
Zeno’s followers 6 letters STOICS
Have a little lamb say 4 letters YEAN
Classic sci-fi name 9 letters STARSHIPE
Andean grazer 5 letters LLAMA
Gumshoe 3 letters TEC
Keep in inventory 5 letters STOCK
Vote of dissent 3 letters NAY
The Jungle author Sinclair 5 letters UPTON
Popular Halloween costume 8 letters SKELETON
Theoretical shortcuts … or what the four circles in this puzzle represent 9 letters WORMHOLES
Was superficially polite 8 letters MADENICE
Commercial mascot with an honorary Doctor of Bovinity degree 5 letters ELSIE
Function 3 letters USE
It’s often eaten with a fork and spoon 5 letters PASTA
292.5 deg. on a compass 3 letters WNW
Blueprint info 5 letters SPECS
Entreaty 4 letters PLEA
Boatload say 6 letters AMOUNT
Scrabble coups 6 letters BINGOS
Spice that gives yellow curry its color 8 letters TURMERIC
Balinese e.g. 6 letters ASIANS
Eponymous ice cream maker 3 letters EDY
Captain 4 letters SOLO
One exchanging dollars for quarters? 6 letters RENTER
Big racing sponsor 3 letters STP
Texas dance 7 letters TWOSTEP
Cautionary reading? 7 letters RIOTACT
404 Not Found e.g. 5 letters ERROR
New York Harbor’s __ Island 5 letters ELLIS
Inspires with up 6 letters PSYCHS
Dutch carrier 3 letters KLM
Sundial marking 3 letters III
Depend 4 letters RELY
Superman on Krypton 5 letters KALEL
Baseball championship emblem 7 letters PENNANT
Preserve in a way 3 letters CAN
80s missile prog. 3 letters SDI
Get better 4 letters HEAL
Obedience school command 3 letters SIT
R-V man’s name? 3 letters STU
Most elegant 7 letters POSHEST
Marc of fashion 4 letters ECKO
Red Guard leader 3 letters MAO
Objectivist Rand 3 letters AYN
Kenan’s one-time comedy partner 3 letters KEL
Run a tab say 3 letters OWE
Fiction opening? 3 letters NON
Big name in denim 3 letters LEE
Au pair’s subj. 3 letters ESL
Criticize 3 letters RIP
Big name in shoes 4 letters MCAN
Lambda followers 3 letters MUS
Nile menace 3 letters ASP
Prepare as tempura 7 letters DEEPFRY
Attempt to hit 7 letters SWINGAT
Permanently 7 letters INSTONE
Sheep that sounds like a pronoun 3 letters EWE
London hot spot? 3 letters TEA
Hand-to-hand combat maneuver 6 letters ARMBAR
Half-shell serving 4 letters CLAM
Monica of tennis 5 letters SELES
Grace under fire 5 letters POISE
Quarrel 5 letters RUNIN
Start to bat? 4 letters ACRO
Beehive State athlete 3 letters UTE
Word with wrestling or pie 3 letters MUD
Artist’s medium 3 letters OIL
Sgt. for one 3 letters NCO
Abbr. on a pre-1991 map 3 letters SSR

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