LA Times Crossword July 27 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword July 27 2021 Answers:

Really easy task 5 letters CINCH
Serious cut 4 letters GASH
Sect. on a concert ticket 4 letters ORCH
In flames 5 letters AFIRE
Brink 4 letters EDGE
Dodgers or Cubs 4 letters TEAM
Chicago-based improv group with The 10 letters SECONDCITY
Semester 4 letters TERM
Bit of memorabilia 8 letters KEEPSAKE
Bee secretion 3 letters WAX
Camera type for short 3 letters SLR
Imagined barrier between actor and audience 10 letters FOURTHWALL
Old fast fliers 4 letters SSTS
Dallas region inset on a Texas atlas page e.g. 7 letters AREAMAP
Really tiny 3 letters WEE
Photographed 4 letters SHOT
Fingers in a lineup 3 letters IDS
Beethoven’s Pastoral or Tchaikovsky’s Pathétique 13 letters SIXTHSYMPHONY
Philip of Kung Fu 3 letters AHN
Regrets 4 letters RUES
Barely make with out 3 letters EKE
Pool stick protector 7 letters CUECASE
Lat. and Ukr. formerly 4 letters SSRS
Musical symbol also called a quaver 10 letters EIGHTHNOTE
Hoopla 3 letters ADO
Fairway position 3 letters LIE
Mattress you can float on 8 letters WATERBED
Fellow to a Brit 4 letters CHAP
When Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson in a classic 1990 bout 10 letters TENTHROUND
Fastening device 4 letters HASP
Not a __: No idea 4 letters CLUE
Pasta sauce herb 5 letters BASIL
Online craft shop 4 letters ETSY
Conks on the head 4 letters BOPS
Outlaw to a sheriff 5 letters ENEMY
Oak containers 5 letters CASKS
It’s my opinion … 5 letters IFEEL
More kind 5 letters NICER
Farm yield 4 letters CROP
Farm cluckers 4 letters HENS
Lizards like the Geico mascot 6 letters GECKOS
French farewell 5 letters ADIEU
Cpl.’s superior 3 letters SGT
Psst! 3 letters HEY
Canada’s capital 6 letters OTTAWA
Check out again as a patient 9 letters REEXAMINE
Train unit 3 letters CAR
I’m thinking 3 letters HMM
Bonkers 4 letters DAFT
If 7 letters WHETHER
Obama chief of staff Emanuel 4 letters RAHM
Stadium in St. Pete with The 4 letters TROP
Gaga or Godiva 4 letters LADY
Record albums briefly 3 letters LPS
Census datum 3 letters SEX
Unvarying fee 7 letters SETRATE
Cabernet holder 9 letters WINEGLASS
NES part: Abbr. 3 letters SYS
Feng __ 4 letters SHUI
Quiet! 4 letters HUSH
Observed 4 letters SEEN
Approves 3 letters OKS
Royal flush card 3 letters ACE
Marked by contentiousness as a game 6 letters CHIPPY
Idaho and Iowa 6 letters STATES
Actor Rogen 4 letters SETH
Admit (to) 5 letters OWNUP
Seriously overdo as a privilege 5 letters ABUSE
Dungarees fabric 5 letters DENIM
Strange to say … 5 letters ODDLY
Kathryn of Law & Order: C.I. 4 letters ERBE
Equine hue 4 letters ROAN
Michael of SNL 3 letters CHE
Stetson __ 3 letters HAT
Getting the job done initially 3 letters TCB
Xanadu rock gp. 3 letters ELO

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