LA Times Crossword January 16 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword January 16 2021 Answers:

__ Secretary 5 letters MADAM
First Negro League electee to Cooperstown 5 letters PAIGE
Radical ’70s org. 3 letters SLA
Durance who plays Lois on Smallville 5 letters ERICA
Per __ 5 letters ANNUM
Comparative suffix 3 letters IER
Grim 5 letters STARK
Removes with a putty knife 9 letters STRIPSOFF
Out 6 letters ASLEEP
Where hauls may be divided 8 letters HIDEOUTS
Pouchlike shoulder bag 4 letters HOBO
Nearly straight-horned antelope 4 letters ORYX
Going up 7 letters SCALING
Tender 5 letters OFFER
Warning to a meddler 14 letters STAYINYOURLANE
Cote sounds 4 letters COOS
Pilot’s place 5 letters CABIN
442 or 88 e.g. 4 letters OLDS
Guideline when something is dropped from one’s diet? 14 letters FIVESECONDRULE
Eclair filling 5 letters CREME
Stylish filmmakers 7 letters AUTEURS
Shepherd’s pie bits 4 letters PEAS
Poet’s rhyme for home 4 letters ROAM
Important artery 8 letters MAINROAD
Construction equipment 6 letters DOZERS
Coldly devious 9 letters REPTILIAN
Vaudeville production 5 letters REVUE
Preceding poetically 3 letters ERE
Name in 1976 Olympic news 5 letters NADIA
Totally remove 5 letters ERASE
Palindromic song from a palindromic band 3 letters SOS
Funding source 5 letters GRANT
Prohibition details 5 letters DONTS
Most populous U.S. city that isn’t a county seat 4 letters MESA
Fine things? 4 letters ARTS
Tuner sometimes 4 letters DIAL
One of Yellowstone’s two million-plus 4 letters ACRE
Be opportunistic metaphorically 7 letters MAKEHAY
Dance step 3 letters PAS
A Cook’s Tour host 15 letters ANTHONYBOURDAIN
Cross letters 4 letters INRI
Forklift truck friend of Luigi in Cars films 5 letters GUIDO
Largest penguin 7 letters EMPEROR
Seat of South Dakota’s Minnehaha County 10 letters SIOUXFALLS
Bailed 4 letters LEFT
Warnings perhaps 4 letters ARFS
Alternative baking staple 8 letters SOYFLOUR
Regulate 6 letters POLICE
Breath spray brand 6 letters BINACA
Lincoln wore them 10 letters STOVEPIPES
Window with a crank often 8 letters CASEMENT
Pursue 6 letters GOINTO
Köln closing 4 letters ENDE
Lo-__ 3 letters RES
Yvette’s evening 4 letters SOIR
Foes of Buffy 6 letters UNDEAD
Phased-out propellant 3 letters CFC
Intense as pain 7 letters SEARING
Spread by moving dirt? 7 letters RUMORED
__ energy 5 letters SOLAR
Field food briefly 4 letters MRES
Dynamic start? 4 letters AERO
John/Rice musical 4 letters AIDA
Celsius freezing point 4 letters ZERO
__-Picone: fashion house 4 letters EVAN
Sign of age maybe 4 letters RUST
Dates 4 letters SEES
N.L. East player 3 letters NAT

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