LA Times Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Bobbleheads e. g. 5 letters DOLLS
Jury decision 5 letters AWARD
Pair of Grammys? 3 letters EMS
It’s __ time! 5 letters ABOUT
Old photo tint 5 letters SEPIA
Dwarf who mixes up his words 3 letters DOC
Angry reaction 11 letters HORNETSNEST
This American Life host Glass 3 letters IRA
Meeting goal often not achieved 6 letters LENGTH
Nuclear energy device 7 letters REACTOR
Lip 4 letters SASS
Firefighter’s tool 4 letters HOSE
Indian noble 4 letters RAJA
Surly 10 letters ILLNATURED
Soft palate projection 5 letters UVULA
Not what one would expect 6 letters IRONIC
It went down in history 7 letters TITANIC
Connects with 7 letters LINKSTO
Mexican bread 6 letters DINERO
Single-master 5 letters SLOOP
Stable cleaner 10 letters SADDLESOAP
Tolkien tree creatures 4 letters ENTS
Palm tree superfood 4 letters ACAI
Ancient home 4 letters EDEN
Predator with a heart-shaped face 7 letters BARNOWL
Card game with trumps 6 letters EUCHRE
Hurricane season mo. 3 letters OCT
The Shawshank Redemption event and what’s hidden in four puzzle rows 11 letters PRISONBREAK
Cravat or ascot 3 letters TIE
Like Caspar Milquetoast 5 letters TIMID
Give a false idea of 5 letters BELIE
Low 3 letters SAD
Deposit in the attic say 5 letters STORE
Cheerleaders’ assortment 5 letters YELLS
James and the Giant Peach author 4 letters DAHL
Wind heard in Dion’s Abraham Martin and John 4 letters OBOE
Desolate 4 letters LORN
Organ in a chest 4 letters LUNG
Decides to leave alone 5 letters STETS
Biblical mount 3 letters ASS
Harmless cyst 3 letters WEN
Imitator 4 letters APER
Slope 4 letters RISE
It may be crunched 4 letters DATA
Spell-checker say 6 letters EDITOR
Lacking in joy 6 letters MOROSE
Rustled (up) 6 letters SCARED
Bangkok native 4 letters THAI
Private laugh 7 letters CHUCKLE
Golfing mishaps 6 letters SLICES
Camera type briefly 3 letters SLR
Rural road feature 3 letters RUT
Prefix with fauna 3 letters AVI
Stick (out) 3 letters JUT
2019 Mena Massoud title role 7 letters ALADDIN
Free of commissions as a mutual fund 6 letters NOLOAD
Young Darth 3 letters ANI
Cookie containers 4 letters TINS
Indigo plant 4 letters ANIL
Having four sharps 3 letters INE
Absalom to David 3 letters SON
PAW Patrol fan 3 letters TOT
Special ___ 3 letters OPS
Caviar 3 letters ROE
Clogs 6 letters SABOTS
Thorny shrub 6 letters ACACIA
Made a sudden move 6 letters DARTED
Rounded hammer part 4 letters PEEN
Lumpy as a knit fabric 5 letters NUBBY
Comes down on one side of something 4 letters OPTS
Court order 4 letters WRIT
Ride to the prom 4 letters LIMO
Algonquin language 4 letters CREE
Severe criticism 4 letters HELL
Fence crosspiece 4 letters RAIL
Manages to get with out 4 letters EKES
Military address 3 letters SIR
To Autumn for one 3 letters ODE

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