LA Times Crossword January 13 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword January 13 2021 Answers:

Hang out in alleys 4 letters BOWL
Sporty sunroofs 5 letters TTOPS
Job jar item 4 letters TASK
Cuatro y cuatro 4 letters OCHO
Sprightly movement 5 letters RONDO
Lamb pen name 4 letters ELIA
Source of damaging rumors 15 letters WHISPERCAMPAIGN
Vietnam holiday 3 letters TET
What the Constitution Means to Me award 4 letters OBIE
Like Boo Boo and Baloo 6 letters URSINE
Lead source 3 letters ORE
Novelist Deighton 3 letters LEN
Wile E. Coyote’s supplier 4 letters ACME
Buzz among local gossips 13 letters TALKOFTHETOWN
Takes short cuts? 5 letters SNIPS
Part of S&L 4 letters LOAN
FDR 34-Across org. 3 letters NHA
One of 1225 in the first published edition of War and Peace 4 letters PAGE
They have their pride 5 letters LIONS
Put a halt to 4 letters STOP
Is for a few 3 letters ARE
Carson forerunner 4 letters PAAR
Hostess snack cakes 5 letters HOHOS
Nickname of two Six Flags roller coasters 13 letters SCREAMMACHINE
Tavern orders 4 letters ALES
Apollo vehicle briefly 3 letters LEM
Many miles 3 letters FAR
Entertained 6 letters AMUSED
Vegas rival 4 letters RENO
Hot Dijon season 3 letters ETE
Question asked with a raised voice as demonstrated in three long puzzle answers 15 letters CANYOUHEARMENOW
Verdi opera 4 letters AIDA
Pants style 5 letters CAPRI
Retin-A target 4 letters ACNE
Altar words 4 letters IDOS
Stall for Time? 5 letters KIOSK
Clarinet need 4 letters REED
Greet formally as at the start of a sumo match 5 letters BOWTO
Earth tone 5 letters OCHER
Mutant big cat 10 letters WHITETIGER
__ Gatos California 3 letters LOS
Late game show host with seven Emmys 6 letters TREBEK
Gran __: 2008 Eastwood film 6 letters TORINO
__ in a blue moon 4 letters ONCE
Kissing on the kiss cam for short 3 letters PDA
Even 8 letters SOMUCHAS
Her Majesty’s service? 6 letters TEASET
Others in old Rome 4 letters ALII
Put one’s name on the line? 4 letters SIGN
Immortal Citizen 4 letters KANE
Opinion surveys 5 letters POLLS
Image creators for short 5 letters PRMEN
Loads 4 letters ATON
Monkey relative 3 letters APE
Biota growth 5 letters FLORA
Undecided 10 letters ONTHEFENCE
Owl’s call 4 letters WHOO
Catches some z’s 4 letters NAPS
Places for hot waxes 4 letters SPAS
One pulling in pushers 4 letters NARC
Outgoing officeholder 8 letters LAMEDUCK
Perfect Portions pet food brand 4 letters IAMS
Abel to Adam 3 letters SON
Throwback diet 5 letters PALEO
Handmade stadium sign 5 letters HIMOM
Gut courses 6 letters EASYAS
Becomes less overcast 6 letters CLEARS
Playwright Ibsen 6 letters HENRIK
Even things 5 letters ATONE
Said 63-Across a second time 5 letters REWED
Antioxidant-rich berry 4 letters ACAI
Downton Abbey’s Daisy for one 4 letters MAID
Go back on a PC 4 letters UNDO
Default result 4 letters REPO
Bali __ 3 letters HAI
AirPod spot 3 letters EAR

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