LA Times Crossword February 28 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword February 28 2021 Answers:

Short-legged hopper 4 letters TOAD
Untidy types 5 letters SLOBS
25% of doce 4 letters TRES
Period 4 letters SPAN
River in Tuscany 4 letters ARNO
Tiny island nation near the equator 5 letters PALAU
Slew 4 letters HEAP
Mom-and-pop business 5 letters STORE
Fallon predecessor 4 letters LENO
Became aware of with to 5 letters AWOKE
Victor’s wife in Casablanca 4 letters ILSA
Cobbler fruit 5 letters APPLE
Summer cottage perhaps 14 letters COUNTRYRETREAT
Emotive speaker 6 letters ORATOR
Fell in pellets 7 letters SLEETED
Result 9 letters AFTERMATH
Musician’s gift 3 letters EAR
Fitness ratio: Abbr. 3 letters BMI
Lake south of London 4 letters ERIE
Have something 3 letters EAT
Oklahoma’s top crop 5 letters WHEAT
Handle 5 letters SEETO
Dairy-based quaff 3 letters NOG
Phobia lead-in 4 letters ACRO
Prior conviction e.g. 13 letters RAPSHEETENTRY
One of the ones that say so much in an Elton John hit 7 letters SADSONG
Brewpub choices 4 letters ALES
Pitchers that can’t throw? 5 letters EWERS
Peachy-keen 3 letters AOK
Coronary chambers 5 letters ATRIA
Name of the Baltimore Ravens’ mascot 3 letters POE
Programmer’s problem perhaps 4 letters LOOP
Drinking noise 5 letters SLURP
Facebook count 5 letters LIKES
Iberian landmark that’s an insurance company logo 15 letters ROCKOFGIBRALTAR
Put back to zero 5 letters RESET
Villainous look 5 letters SNEER
Half a game fish 4 letters MAHI
Reverence 3 letters AWE
Unfitting 5 letters INAPT
Dusk poetically 3 letters EEN
Not treating nicely 5 letters BADTO
Fussbudget 4 letters PRIG
Some fort components 7 letters PILLOWS
Personal exam? 13 letters SOULSEARCHING
One way to rest 4 letters EASY
Zugspitze e.g. 3 letters ALP
With full force 5 letters AMAIN
Senate staffers 5 letters AIDES
Pioneering TV brand 3 letters RCA
One covering the bases 4 letters TARP
Online notes 3 letters IMS
Symbolic uncle 3 letters SAM
The other way around 9 letters VICEVERSA
Port alternative 7 letters MADEIRA
Bar accessory 6 letters OPENER
Commonsense approach to behavior analysis 14 letters FOLKPSYCHOLOGY
Showed the courage 5 letters DARED
Credit union seizure 4 letters REPO
Carpenter’s machine 5 letters LATHE
Concerning 4 letters INRE
Let Me Ride Grammy winner 5 letters DRDRE
Champagne spec 4 letters BRUT
One who shows the way 5 letters USHER
Yemeni city 4 letters ADEN
Leave in 4 letters STET
AOL and Comcast 4 letters ISPS
Beau __ 5 letters GESTE
Moms in a glade 4 letters DOES
Barber’s powder 4 letters TALC
Lunch box treats 5 letters OREOS
Set aside 5 letters ANNUL
Lorna of Brit Lit 5 letters DOONE
Peloponnesian city-state 6 letters SPARTA
Many a Grisham hero 6 letters LAWYER
Prayer opening 5 letters OLORD
Whip up a cake 4 letters BAKE
Bird feeder cake 4 letters SUET
Heist figure 5 letters THIEF
Be empathetic 6 letters RELATE
NBA’s __ Conference 7 letters EASTERN
Cruise ship feature 3 letters SPA
Mar. honoree 5 letters STPAT
Start celebrating 10 letters POPTHECORK
1968 album containing The Motorcycle Song 4 letters ARLO
At no time in old times 4 letters NEER
__ Lee 4 letters SARA
Saw things 5 letters TEETH
Bonnie with 10 Grammys 5 letters RAITT
Luxury watch 5 letters OMEGA
Jamaica’s Ocho __ 4 letters RIOS
Bud for one 4 letters BEER
__ wear 4 letters MENS
Immortal army leader 5 letters ARNIE
Draped garments 5 letters TOGAS
Sub alternative 4 letters WRAP
Image in a religious painting 4 letters HALO
Foil alternative 4 letters EPEE
Pack animal 3 letters ASS
Starting point 7 letters STEPONE
Colgate rival 5 letters ORALB
Moving around 5 letters ASTIR
1964 Civil Rts. Act creation 4 letters EEOC
Return of the Jedi beings 5 letters EWOKS
MYOB word 4 letters YOUR
__ Lama 5 letters DALAI
The Honeymooners surname 7 letters KRAMDEN
Popular long shot 5 letters LOTTO
Title for Richard Starkey 3 letters SIR
Montana motto metal 5 letters PLATA
Email option 5 letters REPLY
Professional charges 4 letters FEES
Piazza de Ferrari city 5 letters GENOA
God with a hammer 4 letters THOR
Redder perhaps 5 letters RIPER
Computer that was retired in 1955 5 letters ENIAC
Topping for chicken enchiladas 10 letters SALSAVERDE
Quite dry 4 letters ARID
Half of a dinner pairing 4 letters WINE
Poaching targets 4 letters EGGS
Cartoon explosion sound 4 letters BLAM
With no changes 4 letters ASIS
Key letter 3 letters PHI
Do a garden chore 5 letters WATER
Czech or Serb 4 letters SLAV
Inuit craft 5 letters UMIAK
Stephen King’s role as the minister in Pet Sematary e.g. 5 letters CAMEO
Would rather have 7 letters PREFERS
Support 6 letters PROPUP
Sweet-smelling pouch 6 letters SACHET
Hold fast 6 letters ADHERE
Unmoving 5 letters INERT
Give up 4 letters CEDE
Places to put coins 5 letters SLOTS
Enduring legends 5 letters MYTHS
It ends with the burial of Hector 5 letters ILIAD
Last movement of Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata e.g. 5 letters RONDO
Come to terms 5 letters AGREE
Santa Anita numbers 4 letters ODDS
for one 4 letters PART
Connect in a way with in 4 letters PLUG
RSVP convenience 4 letters SASE
Strong desires 4 letters YENS
MLB stat 3 letters RBI

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