LA Times Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Some artists’ quarters 5 letters LOFTS
Come to a halt 4 letters STOP
About on a memo 4 letters INRE
All-__: versatile machine 5 letters INONE
Bizet’s Habanera for one 4 letters ARIA
Handle roughly 4 letters MAUL
Holiday bloom 10 letters EASTERLILY
Sketchbooks 4 letters PADS
USO show audience 3 letters GIS
All lathered up 5 letters SOAPY
Magical lamp dweller 5 letters GENIE
Jong and Durance 6 letters ERICAS
Oscar winner Kingsley 3 letters BEN
Taft’s University of Cincinnati position 13 letters LAWSCHOOLDEAN
Things sometimes found under a tree 5 letters GIFTS
Wolf cries 5 letters HOWLS
1959 folk hit with the line Charlie couldn’t get off of that train 3 letters MTA
Burden 4 letters ONUS
Gave out cards 5 letters DEALT
Animal house 4 letters LAIR
Time of your life 3 letters AGE
Prolonged battle 5 letters SIEGE
Number that’s part of a nap 5 letters FORTY
UPS vehicle 13 letters DELIVERYTRUCK
__ Plaines 3 letters DES
Familiarize 6 letters ORIENT
Rice or wheat 5 letters GRAIN
Dilbert creator Adams 5 letters SCOTT
Day for voting: Abbr. 3 letters TUE
Sleek in car talk 4 letters AERO
Parlor pieces and a hint to each set of circles 10 letters WINGCHAIRS
Dryer trap target 4 letters LINT
MLB Tiger for one 4 letters ALER
Artist Max 5 letters ERNST
Grandson of Adam 4 letters ENOS
Heap affection (on) 4 letters DOTE
Continues intensely as a storm 5 letters RAGES
Feudal lord 5 letters LIEGE
Broadcasting 5 letters ONAIR
Natural gas coal etc. 10 letters FOSSILFUEL
Atlanta-based station 3 letters TNT
Goes up and down 7 letters SEESAWS
Pamplona parlor 4 letters SALA
Vacation choice 4 letters TRIP
Like a slippery garage floor 4 letters OILY
Remit 3 letters PAY
Be about to happen 6 letters IMPEND
Palindromic bread 4 letters NAAN
Designer Gernreich 4 letters RUDI
What __ can I do? 4 letters ELSE
Singer Diana 4 letters ROSS
Hair products 4 letters GELS
Lions and tigers 4 letters CATS
Lightning flash 4 letters BOLT
Support the team 5 letters CHEER
Composer Carmichael 5 letters HOAGY
Young hooter 5 letters OWLET
Online advertising 10 letters EMARKETING
Arguing 4 letters ATIT
__ a one: none 4 letters NARY
Prod 4 letters GOAD
Bus Stop playwright 4 letters INGE
Fizzles out 4 letters DIES
Centers of activity 4 letters LOCI
Norse name similar to Stephen 4 letters SVEN
To a greater degree 7 letters FURTHER
Numbskulls 6 letters IDIOTS
Campus cadets’ org. 4 letters ROTC
Care for 5 letters NURSE
Exams 5 letters TESTS
__-force winds 4 letters GALE
Equestrian’s strap 4 letters REIN
River of Pisa 4 letters ARNO
Farm storage unit 4 letters SILO
Tech news site 4 letters CNET
Shrek e.g. 4 letters OGRE
Bundle of cash 3 letters WAD
Altar in the sky 3 letters ARA

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