LA Times Crossword February 22 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword February 22 2021 Answers:

Hand-dyeing method 5 letters BATIK
Alaskan malamute team’s burden 4 letters SLED
__ Field: Mets’ home 4 letters CITI
Lose strength 5 letters ABATE
Attire for Caesar 4 letters TOGA
Closely related 4 letters AKIN
Really! 10 letters SUREENOUGH
Pinball flub 4 letters TILT
Metal-shaping tool 7 letters STAMPER
Defame verbally 7 letters SLANDER
Fifth Avenue retailer 4 letters SAKS
Final word 5 letters SAYSO
Even though 6 letters ALBEIT
Low-cost and inferior 6 letters CHEAPO
Early synthetic fiber 5 letters RAYON
Pinch as piecrust 5 letters CRIMP
D.C.’s nation 3 letters USA
Kilt-wearing family 4 letters CLAN
Hotel visitor 5 letters GUEST
Soon to a bard 4 letters ANON
Rogue computer in 2001 3 letters HAL
Uses a fireplace tool 5 letters POKES
Sci-fi robot 5 letters DROID
Really rich 6 letters LOADED
With dexterity 6 letters DEFTLY
Davis Jr. of the Rat Pack 5 letters SAMMY
Pig’s meal 4 letters SLOP
Source of maple syrup 7 letters TREESAP
One of 12 at the Last Supper 7 letters APOSTLE
Straight from the mouth 4 letters ORAL
Really! 10 letters FORCERTAIN
Subside 4 letters WANE
Cleveland’s lake 4 letters ERIE
Carried in a bag 5 letters TOTED
The S in CBS: Abbr. 4 letters SYST
Gets hitched 4 letters WEDS
Reaches across 5 letters SPANS
Deep choir voice 4 letters BASS
Share a boundary with 4 letters ABUT
Gone With the Wind estate 4 letters TARA
Checklist detail 4 letters ITEM
Represses as emotions 7 letters KEEPSIN
Storied baby-bringing bird 5 letters STORK
Gehrig in Cooperstown 3 letters LOU
Dairy case dozen 4 letters EGGS
Roald who created Willy Wonka 4 letters DAHL
Bit of shuteye 6 letters CATNAP
Really! 10 letters IKIDYOUNOT
Scrabble pieces 5 letters TILES
Emcee’s lead-in 5 letters INTRO
In apple-pie order 4 letters NEAT
Hurry! on a memo 4 letters ASAP
Windbags’ speeches 7 letters SCREEDS
One of two in McDonald’s M 4 letters ARCH
In __ land: spaced-out 4 letters LALA
Really! 10 letters BYALLMEANS
A billion years in geology 3 letters EON
Tire leak sound 4 letters HISS
911 responder: Abbr. 3 letters EMT
Pickled veggie 4 letters CUKE
Gardener’s bagful 4 letters SOIL
Warhol of pop art 4 letters ANDY
Thor or Zeus 3 letters GOD
Comics bark 3 letters ARF
Forks over 4 letters PAYS
Kicks out of the country 7 letters DEPORTS
Brunch fare made with 8-Down 6 letters OMELET
Dimwit 4 letters DOPE
Stashes in a hold 5 letters STOWS
Assortment 5 letters ARRAY
Shoe strings 5 letters LACES
Not very many 4 letters AFEW
Skin opening 4 letters PORE
Word on an octagonal sign 4 letters STOP
Brit’s goodbye 4 letters TATA
Legal claim on property 4 letters LIEN
Comes to a halt 4 letters ENDS
Get __ of: dump 3 letters RID

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