LA Times Crossword April 4 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword April 4 2021 Answers:

Happening now and then 10 letters OCCASIONAL
Support for an injured limb 5 letters SLING
Oz traveler 4 letters LION
Hybrid citrus fruit 10 letters CLEMENTINE
Edmonton NHLer 5 letters OILER
Terse rejection 4 letters UMNO
Was in the running for 10 letters HADASHOTAT
Like some prophets 5 letters FALSCH
Compressed video format 4 letters MPEG
They show off pedicures 8 letters OPENTOES
Part of 5 letters TRANS
Oddball 6 letters WEIRDO
Reps’ rivals 4 letters DEMS
Girl in Byron’s Don Juan 5 letters LEILA
Steak __ 5 letters DIANE
Small size 6 letters PETITE
Have a meeting of the minds 5 letters AGREE
Boxes for drawers? 8 letters PENCASES
Drops from the sky 4 letters RAIN
City planner’s concern 11 letters URBANGROWTH
Muppet chimp __ Minella 3 letters SAL
Gawk at 4 letters OGLE
Move lightly 4 letters FLIT
Snack often eaten inside-out 4 letters OREO
City with a notable tower 4 letters PISA
Bring together 3 letters WED
Like much jewelry in ads 11 letters FINEQUALITY
Anchored floats 5 letters BUOYS
Like some FBI security scans 7 letters RETINAL
Country house 5 letters VILLA
Miley’s Montana 6 letters HANNAH
Falcon’s nest 5 letters AERIE
Congrats! 5 letters KUDOS
Prefix with grade 5 letters CENTI
Bowl-making tools 6 letters LATHES
Pass on 5 letters RELAY
Kind of offer that avoids financing 7 letters ALLCASH
Old-time anesthetic 5 letters ETHER
Ball of fire 11 letters HUMANDYNAMO
Longtime Cracker Jack prize 3 letters TOY
Second 4 letters AIDE
Critical juncture 4 letters CUSP
Broadcasts 4 letters AIRS
Bar codes? 4 letters LAWS
Gaza Strip gp. 3 letters PLO
Prom invitation 11 letters CARETODANCE
Canal that roughly parallels I-90 in New York 4 letters ERIE
Ones who have class 8 letters STUDENTS
Merci in Mainz 5 letters DANKE
Palace prankster 6 letters JESTER
Delta deposits 5 letters SILTS
__ Ababa 5 letters ADDIS
Spam holders 4 letters TINS
Incendiary fuel 6 letters NAPALM
Fix as a printer 5 letters UNJAM
One of Nolan Ryan’s seven 8 letters NOHITTER
Rights activist Clooney 4 letters AMAL
__ you!: fashion compliment 5 letters ITSSO
Colorful top 10 letters ALOHASHIRT
Paltry 4 letters MERE
I Am the Walrus was one 5 letters SIDEB
Emulated the wealthy 10 letters LIVEDLARGE
Abbr. on a cornerstone 4 letters ESTD
Crofts’ partner 5 letters SEALS
Meager characteristic 10 letters SPARSENESS
Seis y dos 4 letters OCHO
Small part of a big hand 4 letters CLAP
Turn over 4 letters CEDE
Trout __: nutty fish dish 8 letters AMANDINE
Group of geese a-laying 6 letters SESTET
Like some medical care 6 letters INHOME
Great Plains natives 5 letters OTOES
Small grievances 4 letters NITS
Santa __ winds 3 letters ANA
Prynne’s scarlet stigma 7 letters LETTERA
Parlor furniture support 7 letters SOFALEG
Climbing vine 5 letters LIANA
Ailments 4 letters ILLS
Mario Bros. console 3 letters NES
Got big enough for as oversized clothes 8 letters GREWINTO
Former midsize Chevy 6 letters LUMINA
Monets Manets etc. 16 letters IMPRESSIONISTART
Having only length for short 4 letters ONED
Aborted at NASA 4 letters NOGO
It means nothing to the French 4 letters RIEN
To __ his own 4 letters EACH
Pride initialism 5 letters LGBTQ
1948 also-ran 5 letters DEWEY
Figurehead spot 4 letters PROW
Champing at the bit 5 letters EAGER
Marriage phrase from the Book of Common Prayer 16 letters TILDEATHDOUSPART
Animated film mermaid 5 letters ARIEL
Potty opening? 5 letters PORTA
Gut course 5 letters EASYA
Date component 5 letters SLASH
Radii neighbors 5 letters ULNAE
Churns up 5 letters ROILS
End of the Tour de France 5 letters FINIS
Uruguay’s __ del Este 5 letters PUNTA
One wielding an ax? 5 letters FIRER
Soft palate extension 5 letters UVULA
Quinn of Elementary 5 letters AIDAN
Architecture middle name 5 letters LLOYD
Baccarat call 5 letters BANCO
Quiet laugh 5 letters TEHEE
Whalers’ wheels 5 letters HELMS
Rarely used antonym of disheveled 5 letters KEMPT
Limerick neighbor 5 letters CLARE
Quantum events? 5 letters LEAPS
Not quite true? 5 letters ATILT
Artful dodges 5 letters RUSES
Have __ day! 5 letters ANICE
Mandel of America’s Got Talent 5 letters HOWIE
Causes pain 5 letters HURTS
Bosox rivals 5 letters YANKS
1914 Belgian battle river 4 letters YSER
Surefire 8 letters CANTMISS
Not as much as 8 letters LESSTHAN
Spreadsheet unit 4 letters CELL
Honey-do list components 7 letters ODDJOBS
Word new fathers love to hear 4 letters DADA
Ark passengers mostly 7 letters ANIMALS
Like most 20th-century phone calls 6 letters DIALED
Sacred struggles 6 letters JIHADS
Maroon in a way 6 letters ENISLE
Adams of photography 5 letters ANSEL
I’ve Grown Accustomed __ Face: My Fair Lady song 5 letters TOHER
First blank on many forms 4 letters NAME
Iowa college town 4 letters AMES
Fed. food overseer 4 letters USDA
Bright star 4 letters NOVA
One that’s worn on road trips 4 letters TIRE
Bits of work 4 letters ERGS
Lines on Google Maps: Abbr. 4 letters RTES
Secure with down 3 letters TIE
Sass 3 letters LIP

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