LA Times Crossword April 3 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword April 3 2021 Answers:

One may be planted on a cheek 4 letters PECK
One who gets famous just for kicks? 10 letters SOCCERSTAR
Volunteer’s words 4 letters ICAN
Use sound to get around 10 letters ECHOLOCATE
Large volume 4 letters TOME
Reaction that can be grateful or sarcastic 10 letters THANKSALOT
Call from a brooder 5 letters CHEEP
Getting better 9 letters ONTHEMEND
Arrive by car say 6 letters ROLLUP
Perception 5 letters GRASP
Make a typo … or miss one 3 letters ERR
Surprising sound 3 letters BOO
Setting of van Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night 5 letters ARLES
Stop shooting 4 letters WRAP
Let the air out of 9 letters PUNCTURED
Area where skateboarding likely originated briefly 5 letters SOCAL
Activity cube user 3 letters TOT
One may get rubbed out 5 letters GENIE
Failed to uphold 9 letters RENEGEDON
Gorilla researcher Fossey 4 letters DIAN
Turning part 5 letters ROTOR
Directed 3 letters RAN
With 42-Down unlikely racetrack pick 3 letters OLD
Milwaukee draft pick? 5 letters PABST
One obsessed with guns? 6 letters GYMRAT
Utensil in Valencian cooking 9 letters PAELLAPAN
Isle off the Sorrento Peninsula 5 letters CAPRI
Captured soundly? 10 letters AUDIOTAPED
Hardly promising 4 letters GRIM
Walk-in clinic focus 10 letters URGENTCARE
Fashion 4 letters MODE
Espies 10 letters LAYSEYESON
City on the Skunk 4 letters AMES
Retiring groups? 8 letters PITCREWS
Film genre for Shyamalan’s The Happening 9 letters ECOHORROR
Competitor who’s over the hump? 10 letters CAMELRACER
Prepare to talk to a tyke maybe 5 letters KNEEL
Prepared 3 letters SET
Figure eight in tango parlance 4 letters OCHO
Harry Potter love interest Cho __ 5 letters CHANG
Independent __ 10 letters CONTRACTOR
South Bend suburb 7 letters ELKHART
Larva that attacks Valentine’s Day plants 8 letters ROSESLUG
Ran playfully 9 letters SCAMPERED
Fabulist’s work 4 letters TALE
Buckets or barrels 4 letters ATON
Out of a job perhaps?: Abbr. 4 letters RETD
Trivia site 3 letters PUB
__ fly 3 letters POP
Arena for the stars 10 letters OUTERSPACE
Annual coronation event 10 letters SENIORPROM
Impressive displays 9 letters PANOPLIES
Rest for a bit 3 letters NOD
Transport service for the disabled 9 letters DIALARIDE
Much less 8 letters LETALONE
Armageddons 8 letters ENDTIMES
Lose it 7 letters GOBATTY
See 47-Across 3 letters NAG
Site of the HQ of five major sports 3 letters NYC
Croquetas or caracoles 5 letters TAPAS
It forms igneous rock 5 letters MAGMA
Microsoft co-founder Allen 4 letters PAUL
Intangible quality 4 letters AURA
Norm-challenging 4 letters EDGY
Role in the Monteverdi opera The Coronation of Poppaea 4 letters NERO
Big-screen TV site 3 letters DEN

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