LA Times Crossword April 17 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword April 17 2021 Answers:

Technique providing percussion with a string note 8 letters SLAPBASS
Character in The Iliad but not The Odyssey? 5 letters ALPHA
Summer pick-me-up 9 letters ICEDLATTE
Use as a bed 5 letters LIEON
Spicy Mexican food 9 letters HOTTAMALE
Extract metal from 5 letters SMELT
Surg. sites 3 letters ORS
Ivy near an Acela stop 4 letters YALE
Ado 6 letters HOOPLA
Big rings 5 letters PEALS
NBA writer Zach 4 letters LOWE
Question of method 3 letters HOW
Durango por ejemplo 6 letters ESTADO
Crudely built city? 7 letters OILTOWN
Many of today’s pro athletes 11 letters MILLENNIALS
Total area? 11 letters CEREALAISLE
Result of an imagined draft 11 letters FANTASYTEAM
Gum with Ice and Fire varieties 7 letters DENTYNE
Riverbed deposit 6 letters SLUDGE
B. A. Baracus portrayer 3 letters MRT
Warning accompanying a link 4 letters NSFW
Ideal spots 5 letters EDENS
Doomed 16th-century force 6 letters ARMADA
Criminal charges 4 letters RAPS
Bon __ 3 letters MOT
Pressly of Mom 5 letters JAIME
Subdivision showcase 9 letters MODELHOME
Jeanette’s Macbeth (1948) co-star 5 letters ORSON
Lenses 9 letters EYEPIECES
Touch-and-go 5 letters RISKY
Blessings 8 letters GODSENDS
Makes a point? 6 letters SCORES
Unleashes on 6 letters LETSAT
Big letters in security services 3 letters ADT
Is far from a good sport 10 letters PLAYSDIRTY
Perennial #1 NCAA football team since 2008 4 letters BAMA
Even slightly 5 letters ATALL
Fifth-cen. pope called The Great 5 letters STLEO
Monkey’s do partner? 3 letters SEE
As well 4 letters ALSO
Long way to go? 4 letters LIMO
Look here! 8 letters PEEPHOLE
Depressions 7 letters HOLLOWS
__ Jamison one of two NBA players with 20000+ points who’s not in the Hall of Fame 6 letters ANTAWN
From your mouth to God’s ears 5 letters IHOPE
Rears 7 letters HEINIES
Feel bad about 6 letters LAMENT
Succeeded in 5 letters WONAT
1992 Mamet drama 7 letters OLEANNA
Three-time WNBA MVP 10 letters LISALESLIE
Synagogue text 6 letters TALMUD
Performs surgery on in a way 5 letters LASES
Cambridgeshire cathedral city 3 letters ELY
Like a sure thing 8 letters CANTMISS
Company founded in 1939 as Auto Avio Costruzioni 7 letters FERRARI
Key of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto 6 letters DMAJOR
Submission to a radio station briefly 6 letters DEMOCD
Garden guardians 6 letters GNOMES
Will of Blue Bloods 5 letters ESTES
Ice cream alternative casually 5 letters FROYO
Moved between banks maybe 5 letters WADED
Berserk 4 letters AMOK
Refuse 4 letters DENY
Amps (up) 4 letters PEPS
Once-big storage unit that’s now quite small 3 letters MEG
Farm female 3 letters HEN

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