LA Times Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Annie Lennox e.g. 4 letters SCOT
Phishing say 4 letters SCAM
Start of many a Jeopardy! answer 3 letters WHO
College fund-raising targets 5 letters ALUMS
Flag bearer 4 letters POLE
Crack from the wind perhaps 4 letters CHAP
Cycling route for Broom Hilda? 10 letters WITCHTRAIL
Instrument featured in Waltz of the Flowers 4 letters HARP
Old DJ’s array 3 letters LPS
Taper off 5 letters ABATE
One-up 5 letters OUTDO
Bread grain 3 letters OAT
Romantic locales for Miss Piggy? 11 letters DATINGSTIES
Maker of a fine cheddar? 6 letters GRATER
Result of a missed deadline maybe 7 letters LATEFEE
Eye affliction 4 letters STYE
Sheer linen fabric 5 letters TOILE
Pre-1991 map letters 3 letters SSR
Place to harvest your deepest secrets? 9 letters DIARYFARM
Part of a Braille character 3 letters DOT
Like many dad jokes 5 letters STALE
Italian wine hub 4 letters ASTI
Logically flawed 7 letters INVALID
Hit as the gas 6 letters STEPON
Equipment for identifying genuine island wreaths? 11 letters LEIDETECTOR
Dungeons & Dragons genre briefly 3 letters RPG
Hungarian mathematician Paul 5 letters ERDOS
Frodo’s home with the 5 letters SHIRE
Wine statistic 3 letters AGE
Baskerville Hall setting 4 letters MOOR
Sign of deceit and a phonetic hint to four puzzle answers 10 letters SHIFTYEYES
Beast of burden 4 letters MULE
Massage deeply 4 letters ROLF
Workout output 5 letters SWEAT
Beast of burden 3 letters ASS
Needs to settle 4 letters OWES
Drops the ball 4 letters ERRS
Snooze loudly 7 letters SAWLOGS
Some website images 7 letters CLIPART
Linger longer than as a welcome 7 letters OUTSTAY
Film buff’s choice 3 letters TMC
Jack in a rhyme 5 letters SPRAT
Kinkajou cousin 5 letters COATI
Sci-fi subject 9 letters ALIENLIFE
First name of two Spice Girls 3 letters MEL
Hypotheticals 7 letters WHATIFS
Monster Angus Thickburger seller 7 letters HARDEES
Adversary 7 letters OPPOSER
Protect from light 5 letters SHADE
Certain jumper’s need 5 letters CHUTE
Way up the slope 4 letters TBAR
KitchenAid competitor 5 letters OSTER
Apple variety 4 letters GALA
Rocker Nugent 3 letters TED
Convention center attraction 9 letters TRADESHOW
Olive __ 3 letters OYL
British __ 5 letters ISLES
Fighting 4 letters ATIT
Astronaut Jemison 3 letters MAE
Word from the Greek for two assumptions 7 letters DILEMMA
Oppressive 7 letters ONEROUS
Tube tops? 7 letters TVIDOLS
Device that delivers a coat 7 letters SPRAYER
Fifth often for a manual transmission 7 letters TOPGEAR
Downs 7 letters INGESTS
Cherish 5 letters ADORE
Type 4 letters SORT
Part of a full house maybe 5 letters TREYS
Easter Island’s country 5 letters CHILE
Little disputes 5 letters TIFFS
Box office sign 3 letters SRO
Female in a field 3 letters EWE

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