LA Times Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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LA Times Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

King-sized 5 letters JUMBO
Seat in un parc 4 letters BANC
Beer party staples 4 letters KEGS
Scarlett of Tara 5 letters OHARA
Young Frankenstein aide 4 letters IGOR
Dark purple berry 4 letters ACAI
Orson Scott Card sci-fi novel 10 letters ENDERSGAME
Pinball no-no 4 letters TILT
Anger fear aggression: the dark side of the Force are they speaker 4 letters YODA
Adopted cat say 3 letters PET
Radiant pigment 6 letters DAYGLO
Toon spouse with a blue beehive 12 letters MARGESIMPSON
Hypotheticals 3 letters IFS
Old Faithful’s st. 3 letters WYO
__ Baby: Hair song 4 letters ABIE
Beat by a mile 5 letters CRUSH
Couture initials 3 letters YSL
Ostrich cousin 4 letters RHEA
Park warning sign 15 letters KEEPOFFTHEGRASS
Hairy Himalayan 4 letters YETI
Like King Cole 3 letters OLD
Kind of node 5 letters LYMPH
Filmmaker Ephron 4 letters NORA
Sch. north of Denver 3 letters CSU
Bean used in nondairy milk 3 letters SOY
Cheddar shredder 12 letters CHEESEGRATER
Elizabeth Arden parent company 6 letters REVLON
Coleridge’s before 3 letters ERE
Harleys familiarly 4 letters HOGS
Burn balm 4 letters ALOE
Go from neutral to reverse … and a hint to each set of circles 10 letters SHIFTGEARS
Kinds 4 letters ILKS
Island near Mull 4 letters IONA
Vermont patriot Allen 5 letters ETHAN
Leaves 4 letters GOES
Sweet-talk 4 letters COAX
Small earrings 5 letters STUDS
Baby in a pouch 4 letters JOEY
Sorry can’t do it 4 letters UHNO
Alcohol awareness-raising org. 4 letters MADD
Another name for bluegill 5 letters BREAM
Dinghy mover 3 letters OAR
Conceitedness 6 letters BIGEGO
Playground marble 5 letters AGATE
When tripled Yum! 3 letters NOM
Ringing true 8 letters CREDIBLE
I Kissed a Girl singer 9 letters KATYPERRY
Vaping smokes briefly 5 letters ECIGS
Ernest or Julio of wine fame 5 letters GALLO
Squelch 5 letters SITON
Agile 4 letters SPRY
Parisian pal 3 letters AMI
Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears __ 4 letters AWHO
Merit badge spot 4 letters SASH
Gross! 4 letters ICKY
Liberate 4 letters FREE
Christmas pudding fat 4 letters SUET
Cowardly 9 letters SPINELESS
Since Jan. 1 3 letters YTD
Unlikely Oscar nominees 4 letters HAMS
Hockey legend Phil to fans 4 letters ESPO
Cinder-covered 4 letters ASHY
Like much court evidence 8 letters FORENSIC
Flying national symbol 4 letters FLAG
Modeling adhesive 4 letters GLUE
Bolivian bruin 3 letters OSO
Website providing vehicle history reports 6 letters CARFAX
Don’t delete mark 4 letters STET
Bond portrayer Daniel 5 letters CRAIG
Greeting word 5 letters HELLO
Elicit 5 letters EVOKE
Spanish queen 5 letters REINA
Scarlett’s Butler 5 letters RHETT
Island with a U.S. state capital 4 letters OAHU
One visiting an old prof perhaps 4 letters GRAD
Taxpayer IDs 4 letters SSNS
Boo-__ 3 letters HOO
Some appliances 3 letters GES

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