Irish Times Simplex Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

Three-sided figures 9 letters TRIANGLES
The Aloha State 6 letters HAWAII
Mardi Gras for example 8 letters CARNIVAL
Brightly-coloured tropical bird 6 letters PARROT
Participant in a game 6 letters PLAYER
Electrical device with pins 4 letters PLUG
The shifting … of time 5 letters SANDS
Set of instruction for preparing a dish 6 letters RECIPE
Maintains firmly 7 letters INSISTS
A lonely impulse of … (Yeats) 7 letters DELIGHT
Request the presence of 6 letters INVITE
Urban areas 5 letters TOWNS
In this place 4 letters HERE
Affix fasten to 6 letters ATTACH
Two’s company …..’. a crowd 6 letters THREES
Planned meant to 8 letters INTENDED
Sticks marked off in units 6 letters RULERS
Successfully completed a degree course 9 letters GRADUATED
Actually in fact 6 letters REALLY
Irritates vexes 6 letters ANNOYS
Rule control 6 letters GOVERN
When one celestial body obscures another 7 letters ECLIPSE
Deface harm 6 letters DAMAGE
Transporting toting 8 letters CARRYING
Soothing or medicinal preparations 9 letters OINTMENTS
Bag for money 5 letters PURSE
He who has … to hear let him hear (Bible) 4 letters EARS
Very small version of an object 9 letters MINIATURE
Sternly gravely 8 letters SEVERELY
I see … of green / Red roses too (What a Wonderful World) 5 letters TREES
Christian penitential period 4 letters LENT
Artist’s studio 7 letters ATELIER
Belonging to them 6 letters THEIRS
Not used to good advantage 6 letters WASTED
Verse of a poem 6 letters STANZA
Systematic plan of action 6 letters SCHEME

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