Irish Times Simplex Crossword September 24 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword September 24 2021 Answers:

Aim goal 9 letters OBJECTIVE
Prefer lean towards 6 letters FAVOUR
More potent 8 letters STRONGER
Wrinkly seed with hard shell 6 letters WALNUT
Of greater length 6 letters LONGER
Distance between two points in space or time 4 letters SPAN
The more of it the less speed it is said 5 letters HASTE
Purloins 6 letters STEALS
Narrow steep-sided valleys 7 letters RAVINES
A motley assortment of things 7 letters MELANGE
Calendar divisions 6 letters MONTHS
Unit of heat 5 letters THERM
Comfort rest 4 letters EASE
Brought about 6 letters CAUSED
Circular 6 letters ROTARY
Floor exercises performed face down (5-3) 8 letters PRESSUPS
Lounged around 6 letters LOAFED
They come from Zagreb say 9 letters CROATIANS
Fastener to fit through a hole 6 letters BUTTON
As many as are required 6 letters ENOUGH
Big cats 6 letters TIGERS
Infectious agents that replicate within cells of living hosts 7 letters VIRUSES
Unoccupied 6 letters VACANT
Man-made water-jet 8 letters FOUNTAIN
Expressed opposition through action or words 9 letters PROTESTED
Use inefficiently or inappropriately 5 letters WASTE
Acquire by effort 4 letters EARN
Chiefly for the most part 9 letters PRIMARILY
Of the city built in water 8 letters VENETIAN
Literary composition 5 letters ESSAY
Old Italian money 4 letters LIRA
More precipitous 7 letters STEEPER
Drove animals 6 letters HERDED
Inflammatory skin condition 6 letters ECZEMA
Mixture of dry cereals and fruits 6 letters MUESLI
A type of bowling 6 letters TENPIN

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