Irish Times Simplex Crossword September 15 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword September 15 2021 Answers:

Temporary leave from the military 8 letters FURLOUGH
Casual cotton trousers 6 letters CHINOS
In short it controls the temperature (3-3) 6 letters AIRCON
Game similar to baseball 8 letters ROUNDERS
Marine mollusc that damages ships 6 letters TEREDO
Crimes 8 letters OFFENCES
In addition 4 letters ALSO
Mexican tortilla with savoury filling 7 letters BURRITO
Fatty tissue 7 letters ADIPOSE
Military land force 4 letters ARMY
Strange bairns be in Australia 8 letters BRISBANE
Capital of the Bahamas and a Dublin city street 6 letters NASSAU
Those magnificent men in their flying machines 8 letters AVIATORS
Advocate of Chinese communist chairman 6 letters MAOIST
State without proof 6 letters ALLEGE
Gossiped idly 8 letters NATTERED
Ineffectual in vain 6 letters FUTILE
Signal to say danger has passed 8 letters ALLCLEAR
Renegade traitor 8 letters TURNCOAT
Insulated vacuum flask 7 letters THERMOS
The back of the neck 6 letters SCRUFF
Minded about a mound of prehistoric domestic refuse 6 letters MIDDEN
They carry messages 8 letters COURIERS
Mass of small bubbles 4 letters FOAM
Something borrowed 4 letters LOAN
Unpicks or disentangles 8 letters UNRAVELS
Oddly dainty me can be explosive 8 letters DYNAMITE
Jewish festival celebrating exodus from Egypt 8 letters PASSOVER
Rational motives 7 letters REASONS
Sets of musical notes to practise 6 letters SCALES
Point in the orbit of the moon that’s furthest from the earth 6 letters APOGEE
Passageways between seats 6 letters AISLES

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