Irish Times Simplex Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Correct precise 8 letters ACCURATE
More than one 6 letters PLURAL
Linear extent 6 letters LENGTH
Green gems 8 letters EMERALDS
Goes in 6 letters ENTERS
Stated assertively 8 letters INSISTED
Of … and Men (John Steinbeck) 4 letters MICE
The sound of a sneeze 7 letters ATISHOO
Spiked iron attachment for climbing boots 7 letters CRAMPON
Lay hold of 4 letters TAKE
Healing institution 8 letters HOSPITAL
Where something begins 6 letters SOURCE
Remote set apart 8 letters ISOLATED
Quantity or amount produced 6 letters OUTPUT
Hard alloy suitable for casting 6 letters BRONZE
Basic natural drive 8 letters INSTINCT
Test for the presence of disease 6 letters SCREEN
Manually dextrous circus performers 8 letters JUGGLERS
Hi commas might have exaggerated masculinity strangely 8 letters MACHISMO
Religious outcast 7 letters HERETIC
Rates of movement 6 letters SPEEDS
Mankind 6 letters HUMANS
Agonised over the Californian city 8 letters SANDIEGO
Between head and body 4 letters NECK
Greek letter and very small amount 4 letters IOTA
Pants 8 letters TROUSERS
Reply rejoinder 8 letters RESPONSE
Natural elevation 8 letters MOUNTAIN
Fictional owner of a magic lamp 7 letters ALADDIN
Laying a heap of things one on top of another 6 letters PILING
Designations or headings 6 letters TITLES
Place of worship 6 letters CHURCH

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