Irish Times Simplex Crossword October 17 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword October 17 2021 Answers:

Foretelling the future 9 letters PROPHETIC
Brace pair 6 letters COUPLE
Manages a machine 8 letters OPERATES
Dive or fall headlong 6 letters PLUNGE
Is not in a position to 6 letters CANNOT
Regulation custom 4 letters RULE
Care for medically 5 letters TREAT
Protective metal covering 6 letters ARMOUR
Forgive sins 7 letters ABSOLVE
Put down or leave something 7 letters DEPOSIT
Rough jagged 6 letters UNEVEN
Takes one’s ease 5 letters RESTS
Guide by going in front 4 letters LEAD
Serving a purpose 6 letters USEFUL
Rounded edible fruits 6 letters APPLES
Giving up work 8 letters RETIRING
Desired strongly 6 letters LONGED
Risky or exciting experience 9 letters ADVENTURE
Say or do again 6 letters REPEAT
Mother father 6 letters PARENT
All of one’s assets after death 6 letters ESTATE
Places inside something else 7 letters INSERTS
Large wave and hair-curler 6 letters ROLLER
Beliefs convictions 8 letters OPINIONS
Pass into or through 9 letters PENETRATE
Tool for smoothing wood 5 letters PLANE
Spoken not written 4 letters ORAL
Without artificial help 9 letters NATURALLY
Cleaning with a broom 8 letters SWEEPING
Plants that climb and twine 5 letters VINES
Deep holes 4 letters PITS
Issued a command 7 letters ORDERED
Number on a soccer team 6 letters ELEVEN
Delicately complex and understated 6 letters SUBTLE
Hidden covert 6 letters SECRET
Long narrow carpet 6 letters RUNNER

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