Irish Times Simplex Crossword November 25 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword November 25 2021 Answers:

Breaking and turning soil 9 letters PLOUGHING
Prepare a drawing or model 6 letters DESIGN
Models blueprints 8 letters PATTERNS
Of the sea 6 letters MARINE
Sewing implement 6 letters NEEDLE
Profoundly immoral 4 letters EVIL
Pieces of uncultivated ground adjoining buildings 5 letters YARDS
Most novel 6 letters NEWEST
Sign of something about to happen 7 letters PORTENT
Kitchen cabinet 7 letters DRESSER
Hurries to the river grasses 6 letters RUSHES
Liquid produced by bees 5 letters HONEY
Simply nothing more than 4 letters MERE
Modifies for a new use 6 letters ADAPTS
Military forces 6 letters TROOPS
It’s said to be the best medicine 8 letters LAUGHTER
Guarantee promise 6 letters ASSURE
The mother of invention it’s said 9 letters NECESSITY
Shaped lumps of bread 6 letters LOAVES
Disorderly messy 6 letters UNTIDY
More difficult 6 letters HARDER
Most offensively curious 7 letters NOSIEST
Woman girl 6 letters FEMALE
Members of states 8 letters CITIZENS
Originators creators 9 letters INVENTORS
Person not yet of legal age 5 letters MINOR
Walking with a limp 4 letters LAME
The Mikado and Iolanthe say 9 letters OPERETTAS
Answer or reaction 8 letters RESPONSE
Olfactory organs 5 letters NOSES
Looked at warily perhaps 4 letters EYED
It’s performed by a cyclist 7 letters WHEELIE
Group of countries under one authority 6 letters EMPIRE
The world of plants and animals 6 letters NATURE
Pleasure craft 6 letters YACHTS
City thoroughfare 6 letters STREET

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