Irish Times Simplex Crossword May 9 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword May 9 2021 Answers:

Squirmed writhed 8 letters WRIGGLED
Became less strong or severe 6 letters ABATED
Remuneration 6 letters INCOME
Buildings structures 8 letters EDIFICES
Bring to mind 6 letters RECALL
Made a gesture of indifference 8 letters SHRUGGED
Tract region 4 letters AREA
Whirling sensation when balance is disturbed 7 letters VERTIGO
Transmits knowledge perhaps 7 letters IMPARTS
Competent fit 4 letters ABLE
… Island (R.L.Stevenson) 8 letters TREASURE
Sheep meat 6 letters MUTTON
Most unclean 8 letters DIRTIEST
Depends has faith in 6 letters RELIES
Pay no attention to 6 letters IGNORE
Illustrations instances 8 letters EXAMPLES
Fruit and colour 6 letters ORANGE
Rude or knowing very little 8 letters IGNORANT
Pennant awarded to clean beaches 8 letters BLUEFLAG
Contrary harmful 7 letters ADVERSE
Salted roe of sturgeon 6 letters CAVIAR
Losing colour gradually 6 letters FADING
Forceful emphatic. 8 letters VEHEMENT
Pellets of ice 4 letters HAIL
Bellow holler 4 letters ROAR
Monies in return for labour 8 letters EARNINGS
Structure to commemorate 8 letters MEMORIAL
Gazelle or gnu say 8 letters ANTELOPE
The Fab Four 7 letters BEATLES
Legal proceeding 6 letters ACTION
Not smooth or flat 6 letters UNEVEN
Followed the rules 6 letters OBEYED

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