Irish Times Simplex Crossword March 6 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword March 6 2021 Answers:

Make up your mind 6 letters DECIDE
Modulations or inflections of the voice 8 letters CADENCES
Except on condition that 6 letters UNLESS
Publicity booklet 8 letters BROCHURE
Pace of a musical piece 5 letters TEMPO
Not disposed or inclined toward 9 letters UNWILLING
Small round spot 3 letters DOT
Utilising 5 letters USING
Try to deal with fishing gear 6 letters TACKLE
Loved intensely 6 letters ADORED
Sandy area by the sea 5 letters BEACH
A pair 3 letters DUO
Bias 9 letters PREJUDICE
Single items 5 letters UNITS
Put a plan into effect 8 letters EXECUTED
Take small bites 6 letters NIBBLE
Lacking zest or enthusiasm 8 letters LISTLESS
Way out 6 letters EGRESS
Uncertain suspicious 8 letters DOUBTFUL
South American state 8 letters COLOMBIA
Forced something out of position 9 letters DISLODGED
Slender missile 5 letters ARROW
Be exceptionally good at 5 letters EXCEL
Child of a parent’s sibling 6 letters COUSIN
Snow vehicle and heavy hammer 6 letters SLEDGE
Club used on the green 6 letters PUTTER
Kind class 3 letters ILK
Fooled with fish 6 letters CODDED
Doing arduous work 9 letters LABOURING
Not consistent without a fixed pattern 8 letters VARIABLE
Facial hair 8 letters WHISKERS
A number not divisible by two 3 letters ODD
Ask earnestly 6 letters APPEAL
Directs a patient to a specialist say 6 letters REFERS
Common or normal 5 letters USUAL
Thoughts creative perhaps 5 letters IDEAS

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