Irish Times Simplex Crossword June 20 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword June 20 2021 Answers:

Study of the earth’s surface 9 letters GEOGRAPHY
Ante up for the kernel 6 letters PEANUT
They train to compete 8 letters ATHLETES
Time to come 6 letters FUTURE
Impart knowledge 6 letters INFORM
Globular organs 4 letters EYES
Group selected to judge a competition 5 letters PANEL
Critique appraisal 6 letters REVIEW
Most reckless 7 letters RASHEST
Helps out 7 letters ASSISTS
Field of grass 6 letters MEADOW
Support for the artist 5 letters EASEL
Places to sleep 4 letters BEDS
Rough bumpy 6 letters UNEVEN
Depended 6 letters RELIED
Concerning home affairs 8 letters DOMESTIC
Solicitor or barrister 6 letters LAWYER
Study of the stars and planets 9 letters ASTRONOMY
Consuming food 6 letters EATING
Fastest pace of a horse 6 letters GALLOP
Fall in the US 6 letters AUTUMN
Inexpensive lodgings 7 letters HOSTELS
Say no to rubbish 6 letters REFUSE
Traumas to the body 8 letters INJURIES
Apart from that 9 letters OTHERWISE
Flowerless plants with feathery or leafy fronds 5 letters FERNS
Very lightly cooked meat 4 letters RARE
Chiefly for the most part 9 letters PRIMARILY
Small migratory birds 8 letters SWALLOWS
Fastened with stitches 5 letters SEWED
Having been perceived by eye 4 letters SEEN
Moreover 7 letters BESIDES
Submitted to authority 6 letters OBEYED
Shall I compare thee to a …’s day? (Shakespeare) 6 letters SUMMER
Teaching unit 6 letters LESSON
Channel of communication 6 letters MEDIUM

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