Irish Times Simplex Crossword June 16 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword June 16 2021 Answers:

Having no beginning or end 8 letters INFINITE
Dramas set to music 6 letters OPERAS
Cavity in a volcano 6 letters CRATER
Religious ceremonies or regular inspections of cars 8 letters SERVICES
Come out into view 6 letters EMERGE
Fossilised petrified 8 letters OSSIFIED
Christian penitential period 4 letters LENT
Tirana is the capital 7 letters ALBANIA
Angrily 7 letters IRATELY
Having no doubt 4 letters SURE
High chests of drawers in two sections 8 letters TALLBOYS
Small fish to catch larger ones 6 letters SPRATS
A queen an Australian state and a plum 8 letters VICTORIA
Hostility ill will 6 letters ANIMUS
Set fire to 6 letters IGNITE
Most blessed with good fortune 8 letters LUCKIEST
County of the glens 6 letters ANTRIM
I write as badly about the flowering vine 8 letters WISTERIA
Ali dries out for the former British prime minister 8 letters DISRAELI
Interpretation from one viewpoint 7 letters VERSION
Actors tread them 6 letters BOARDS
Relaxation following distress 6 letters RELIEF
Goodbye and good luck 8 letters FAREWELL
Move around in a liquid 4 letters STIR
Requiring little effort 4 letters EASY
Inclinations tendencies 8 letters LEANINGS
Careful investigation into a subject 8 letters RESEARCH
Super really great 8 letters TERRIFIC
Under normal conditions 7 letters USUALLY
Baltic republic 6 letters LATVIA
Edna and Kate writers 6 letters OBRIEN
Obvious statement that says nothing new or interesting 6 letters TRUISM

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