Irish Times Simplex Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

Draw near 8 letters APPROACH
Set of balances 6 letters SCALES
Refuse to give in 6 letters RESIST
Benign innocuous 8 letters HARMLESS
Part of a sentence 6 letters PHRASE
Formerly Southern Rhodesia 8 letters ZIMBABWE
Counterfoil of a cheque say 4 letters STUB
West Indian song 7 letters CALYPSO
Supplying a statement perhaps 7 letters ISSUING
Occident 4 letters WEST
Annoying continually 8 letters HASSLING
Come or go back 6 letters RETURN
Arthurian knight Guinevere’s lover 8 letters LANCELOT
Straightforward not elaborate 6 letters SIMPLE
Scattered about 6 letters STREWN
Provides protection from weather or harm 8 letters SHELTERS
Formal address or discourse 6 letters SPEECH
Not exceptional in any way 8 letters ORDINARY
Pad to sleep on 8 letters MATTRESS
Chinese breed of small dog (4-3) 7 letters SHIHTZU
Place of retreat especially in India 6 letters ASHRAM
Lia had this strange flower 6 letters DAHLIA
George and Ira … American musical brothers 8 letters GERSHWIN
Large wading bird 4 letters IBIS
Urban area 4 letters TOWN
Menu with individually-priced dishes 8 letters ALACARTE
Pressurised tense 8 letters STRESSED
Utmost or extreme 8 letters ULTIMATE
Self-importance 7 letters EGOTISM
Clandestine 6 letters SECRET
Away from the coast 6 letters INLAND
Sticks marked off in units 6 letters RULERS

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