Irish Times Simplex Crossword July 27 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword July 27 2021 Answers:

Most unusual or odd 9 letters STRANGEST
Come to a destination 6 letters ARRIVE
Enjoyable agreeable 8 letters PLEASANT
Perfectly round figure 6 letters CIRCLE
Explosion of air from the nose 6 letters SNEEZE
Horse with brownish coat speckled with white 4 letters ROAN
Find the answer to a mystery 5 letters SOLVE
Vendor 6 letters SELLER
Believe to be guilty but without proof 7 letters SUSPECT
Former member of the armed forces 7 letters VETERAN
A weight to secure a ship 6 letters ANCHOR
… must when the devil drives (proverb) 5 letters NEEDS
Body part and the nerve to do something 4 letters NECK
Distances downward 6 letters DEPTHS
Frightened 6 letters AFRAID
In the open air 8 letters OUTDOORS
Playing a part 6 letters ACTING
Disrobed 9 letters UNDRESSED
Natural aptitude 6 letters TALENT
Dies back 6 letters ABATES
Stone mixture for paths 6 letters GRAVEL
Humorous writings to ridicule and expose 7 letters SATIRES
Fur trimming on royal robes 6 letters ERMINE
Notice copied to a number of people 8 letters CIRCULAR
Alluding or passing a patient to a consultant 9 letters REFERRING
Hereditary social class in Hindu society 5 letters CASTE
Area subject to restrictions parking say 4 letters ZONE
Capital of Pakistan 9 letters ISLAMABAD
Freedom from anxiety or fear 8 letters SECURITY
Felt concern or interest 5 letters CARED
Ebb and flow 4 letters TIDE
Unidentified obscure 7 letters UNKNOWN
Bulbous vegetables 6 letters ONIONS
Head of a newspaper say 6 letters EDITOR
Pieces of cutlery 6 letters SPOONS
Rush forward in attack 6 letters CHARGE

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