Irish Times Simplex Crossword January 16 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword January 16 2021 Answers:

Take to be the case without proof 6 letters ASSUME
The slaughter of many 8 letters MASSACRE
Dairy product 6 letters CHEESE
Association formed for mutual benefit 8 letters ALLIANCE
Express in speech 5 letters UTTER
Large seabird found among lost Arabs 9 letters ALBATROSS
Cobra used by Egyptians as a symbol of power 3 letters ASP
Short digit 5 letters THUMB
Skewers of marinated meat 6 letters KEBABS
Rough shelter lying against the wall of a building (4-2) 6 letters LEANTO
Proficient skilled 5 letters ADEPT
Hydrogen or methane say 3 letters GAS
A bride’s bottom drawer 9 letters TROUSSEAU
Point at the end of a fork 5 letters PRONG
The weather in various locations 8 letters CLIMATES
Protrusion of an organ through its wall 6 letters HERNIA
Parts pieces portions 8 letters SEGMENTS
Cunning trickery 6 letters DECEIT
Financial records 8 letters ACCOUNTS
Full range of colour 8 letters SPECTRUM
Wretched pitiful 9 letters MISERABLE
Speak without preparation (2-3) 5 letters ADLIB
Key to move between lower- and upper-case 5 letters SHIFT
Administrative region in Switzerland 6 letters CANTON
Despite that nevertheless 6 letters EVENSO
Protective cloth for a diner 6 letters NAPKIN
Muslim title and cooking stove 3 letters AGA
Thick heavy shoe 6 letters BROGUE
Utter profanities 9 letters BLASPHEME
Condemn publicly 8 letters DENOUNCE
Not circulating or flowing 8 letters STAGNANT
Small hoofed animal 3 letters ASS
Small pieces of wood 6 letters STICKS
Selecting by ballot 6 letters VOTING
Long-handled digging tool 5 letters SPADE
Occurrence happening 5 letters EVENT

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