Irish Times Simplex Crossword January 15 2022 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword January 15 2022 Answers:

They’re overhead internally 8 letters CEILINGS
Hire for work 6 letters EMPLOY
The veg is too apt oddly 6 letters POTATO
Standards or principles on which to base a judgement 8 letters CRITERIA
Place of safety 6 letters REFUGE
Located inside 8 letters INTERNAL
A pleasant French city? 4 letters NICE
Reminder of a past event 7 letters MEMENTO
Very irritable as a particular hymenoptera 7 letters WASPISH
Do this with a caber in Scotland 4 letters TOSS
Hat or cap 8 letters HEADGEAR
They occur at force 10 or 11 on the Beaufort scale 6 letters STORMS
At which horses display their skills 8 letters GYMKHANA
Upper garments 6 letters SHIRTS
Tiny baby 6 letters INFANT
Districts under the pastoral care of bishops 8 letters DIOCESES
Develop into something 6 letters BECOME
Polite agreement with … 8 letters PLEASURE
Guiltless or guileless 8 letters INNOCENT
One who claims to be sensitive to the paranormal 7 letters PSYCHIC
Refuse to give in 6 letters RESIST
Become visible 6 letters APPEAR
Vacations 8 letters HOLIDAYS
Information about recent events 4 letters NEWS
Small Greek letter and very small amount 4 letters IOTA
All and sundry 8 letters EVERYONE
One who estimates the value of property 8 letters ASSESSOR
Supplied 8 letters PROVIDED
Floridian city 7 letters ORLANDO
Harsh order issued by authority 6 letters DIKTAT
Glorifies or places on a pedestal 6 letters EXALTS
From which all physical things are made 6 letters MATTER

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