Irish Times Simplex Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Becomes greater 9 letters INCREASES
Machine with moving parts 6 letters ENGINE
Outdoor cooking grill 8 letters BARBECUE
Missing lacking 6 letters ABSENT
Asserts avers 6 letters CLAIMS
Elongated appendage of an animal 4 letters TAIL
Gustatory sensation 5 letters TASTE
Older or higher in standing 6 letters SENIOR
Own have 7 letters POSSESS
S African mongoose-like creature 7 letters MEERKAT
Errors in printing 6 letters ERRATA
Tries to persuade to do something 5 letters URGES
Help to do something wrong 4 letters ABET
Re-use old material with little or no change 6 letters REHASH
Electronic volumes (1-5) 6 letters EBOOKS
Aberrant atypical 8 letters ABNORMAL
Growing old 6 letters AGEING
Induce to do something through reasoning 9 letters PERSUADES
Almost 6 letters NEARLY
Burrowing animal 6 letters RABBIT
Right or means of entry 6 letters ACCESS
Expelled booted out 7 letters EJECTED
Not in a position to 6 letters UNABLE
Humorous verse from the mid-West 8 letters LIMERICK
Repeat several times 9 letters REITERATE
Passage between rows of seats 5 letters AISLE
Fabricate 4 letters MAKE
Lasting only a short time 9 letters EPHEMERAL
Skinflints 8 letters SCROOGES
Jabs with a knife 5 letters STABS
Fencing sword 4 letters EPEE
Strong anger 7 letters OUTRAGE
Without permission it’s stealing 6 letters TAKING
Reduces to small particles by crushing 6 letters GRINDS
Skilled Himalayan mountaineer 6 letters SHERPA
Group of suburban houses or industrial units 6 letters ESTATE

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