Irish Times Simplex Crossword February 28 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword February 28 2021 Answers:

Carefully observant or attentive 8 letters VIGILANT
Lacking substance 6 letters UNREAL
Gambling emporium 6 letters CASINO
Calls before a court to answer an indictment 8 letters ARRAIGNS
Allows in or accepts guilt 6 letters ADMITS
Cold Spanish soup 8 letters GAZPACHO
Female sheep 4 letters EWES
Quarrel noisily angrily 7 letters WRANGLE
Most strained 7 letters TENSEST
Operatic air 4 letters ARIA
Hole opening 8 letters APERTURE
Spanish Mrs 6 letters SENORA
Curve of the moon in first or last quarter 8 letters CRESCENT
Moving about listlessly 6 letters MOPING
Lustrous structures in oysters 6 letters PEARLS
Ludicrous ridiculous 8 letters FARCICAL
Magician sorcerer 6 letters WIZARD
One from Palermo say 8 letters SICILIAN
Luggage conveyor belt and fairground ride 8 letters CAROUSEL
On the loose escaped 7 letters ATLARGE
Mineral tinged with impurities giving a variety of shades 6 letters QUARTZ
Russian carriage pulled by three horses 6 letters TROIKA
Sets a boat or a product afloat 8 letters LAUNCHES
Secondary school teachers’ trade union in short 4 letters ASTI
Be dressed in 4 letters WEAR
Witty banter 8 letters REPARTEE
Sitting duck defenceless victim 8 letters EASYMARK
Pr?cis abstract 8 letters SYNOPSIS
Put right 7 letters RECTIFY
Area popular with holiday-makers 6 letters RESORT
Anxious restless 6 letters UNEASY
Strip for take off and landing 6 letters RUNWAY

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